Pingan Rice Terraces


Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi, China

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Best place to admire natural landscape and folk-custom of Chinese minorities

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Pingan Rice Terraces across Pingan and Longji administrative villages like a moving dragon on this land with wild power which can shake the heaven and earth.
Pingan Rice Terraces’s highest altitude is 880 m, and the lowest is 380 m, with vertical elevation difference of 500 m, covering an area of over 4 square km. The terraces like ribbons or chains wreathe from the foot to the top of the mountain. The small hills look like snails, and the large hills look like pagodas. In spring, there are layers of silver ribbons; in summer, green waves will be full of your views; in autumn, golden pagodas stands one by one; in winter, groups of dragons play with water. In the world of terraces, there are 15862 pieces of fields. The largest one is just 0.62 mu, while the smallest one just have space for 3 plants.
There are two unique scenic spots: Seven Stars around the Moon, Nice Dragons and Five Tigers
Seven Stars around the Moon is the scream of Longji Rice Terraces. It is formed by 7 small summits with one large summit. The whole mountain is full of narrow rice terraces. It is famous for that most of the tourists and photographers will come here. At the No. 1 or 2 view points in Longji, you can see the scene of Seven Stars around the Moon

Nice Dragons and Five Tigers is also located at the Pingan Rice Terraces, which is also very famous. The nine dragons indicate the 9 ridges of mountains, and the 5 tigers indicate the 5 small hill top.

Longji’s climate is mild and wet. Because of the high altitude, there formed the high mountains and deep valleys with mist and cloud surrounding. Here you can find pure natural green food such as Longji watery wine, Longji chili, sticky rice, tea and so on. If you come here in light rainy days, you will see the most picturesque scenery here.