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Nujiang River Grand Canyon


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Nujiang River is a famous river in southwest China. Nujiang deep inside the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, flows into Burma and then renamed Salween, finally go into the Indian Ocean in the Andaman Sea. Nujiang Grand Canyon is the world’s third Grand Canyon to the Brahmaputra waters canyon in China and of the Colorado Grand Canyon in the southwestern United States.
Nujiang Canyon
In the three grand canyons of the Nujiang Great Canyon, the Lancang river canyon and Dulong river canyon in Nujiang County, Nujiang Grand Canyon is the most spectacular. From Shuangnawadi to Daxing there is a gorge in Lisu language means “tiger leap”. Tiger Leaping Gorge is narrower, steep rock for 1500 meters high, the narrowest point on both sides of the distance of only 10 meters. The vertical elevation difference of the gorge is 3790 m which is one of the deepest valleys in the world. The narrowest part of the gorge was just 30 m, which is so narrow that a tiger can jump over the gorge, hence the name. Along the gorge, there are 21 dangerous shoals and 10 waterfalls. Along the estuary tourists will lingering at the edge of the dangerous cliffs, strange place, nature, and there is layers upon layers fields, houses, and peach forest which is wonderful.
High mountains, deep canyons, waterfall, river are raising the Nujiang grand canyon people and to temper children of all nationalities. Here live Lisu minority, Nu minority, Drung minority and Pumi minority etc. They are industrious and brave, bold and vigorous, created the unique way of life and national characteristics of culture. Their costumes, singing and dancing, festival activities, the form of marriage, living customs, religious activities, such as unique and charm characteristics, constitute a harmonious canyon graffiti. Canyon compatriots of all nationalities are simple, sincere, friendly and hospitable. In Lisu clan and Nu clan villages, if you have come to their village wherever you coming from afar, they all hospitable to put up guests for the night and take out food to treat.
♦ Geography
Nujiang Grand Canyon is located in the northwest of Yunnan province in the Nujiang Lisu clan autonomous territory, from the point of view of China map, it is just at the position of “chicken ass”. Nujiang river originated in the foothill of the Mount tunggula in Qinghai-Tibet plateau, via Yunnan, from north to south and then go into Burma (called the Salween river in Burma), then enter into the Indian Ocean, the whole length is more than 1540 km.

♦ Canyon features
Nujiang river within the territory of Nujiang county is more than 310 km, due to river east has Biluo snow mountain (has more than 20 peaks are 4000 meters above the peak), river west has Gaoligong mountains (also has more than more than 20 peaks which are 4000 meters), Nujiang river flowing between these two mountains, on both sides of the mountain is magnificent, all in the 3000 meters above sea level, deep valleys, big river fall, and the rapid water form a 310 km long, 2000-3000 meters deep canyon area. On upper Nujiang grand canyon--Qinatongnakaluo, the snow mountain in the both side is 5000-6000 meters high, the river at an altitude of 2000 meters high, 3000-4000 m elevation difference, because the mountain bold, river rushing, sparsely populated, this section of the canyon appear depth, become the perfect place for adventure tourism.

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