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Luntai Diversiform-leaved Poplar Forest


LUN太Town, Bayingolin Mongol Autonomous Prefecture, Urumqi, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region,China.

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Forest in desert.

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  • All day.
Luntai County, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region is located in the south of Tianshan Mountain; the north rim of the Tarim Basin, here is the world's largest, the densest, the best existing “tertiary living fossil”, that is, more than 40 thousand mu of natural poplar forest. Poplar forest in Tarim River Basin is a typical desert forest meadow vegetation types, distribute from upstream to downstream river valley. Although poplar forest structure is relatively simple, it has a strong zonality ecological characteristic. Dyed Sunglow or in the sunset, it gives a person with a mysterious feeling at the same time, also make people understand the vitality and hope.

Luntai Poplar Forest

Forest park is located in the core position of the Tarim Poplar Protect Reserve, across the border between Luntai and Weili county of the middle reaches of the Tarim River. Going along the desert road for 13 km and turn east onto a straight oil highway. You will see clusters, piece of populus euphratica in the sand land along southeast road, the poplar here is straight and thick within 60-80 centimeters in diameter at breast height.

Desert Poplar Forest Park covers an area of 4.5 square kilometers, opened in 1997. With the Tarim oil exploration and development, countless oilman work here under the dry sand blown day and night, they really need a good dwelling place and recreational place. The oilman has become frequenter of the park and appreciates this desert forest scenery


Enter into the front door of park, the first thing you encounter is 3 old poplars, visitors are all stop to stay here, go down to see these unusual trees. Their trunk is empty, but the crown is still flourishing, casting a large green shade. Next to the tree on the left is a lake, this small lake is formed by natural flood discharge of Tarim River In recent years, after forest park opening, several white swans come here, they would just chooses the place to stay, even in the winter they also won’t leave. Around the lake are dense poplars, visitors can fishing on the shore of the lake.
Luntai Poplar Forest
In front of the park is wild boar forest, the real wild boar was early frightened out of escape. When you walk into the dense forest, there are wild goats, deer, wild fox, rabbit appear, and fill with many wild plants, wild fruit tree. And the tall poplar will lead you to climb on its branch, looking Taklimakan Desert, forest and the desert scenery in a distance.

On the right side of park are the real deer, which is cannot be seen in the city. On the east side of the park there is a western Han dynasty tombs, according to research, it is the Han dynasty relics of product grain place. Although after two thousand years changes, we still can the size of the tomb. Although there are traces of being rob a few hundred years ago, but it still keep the beauty of the tomb.

Travel Guide

【Chinese name】: 轮台胡杨林,轮台草湖乡
【How to get】:
From Urumqi by train, bus, or simply to charter a car to Luntai. To Luntai, be sure to rent a car to the Tarim River bridge, beautiful scenery is everywhere along the way, you will not help but stop to see. You can live in a hotel near the Tarim River Bridge at night, the price is cheap. Heading for poplar forest park in the afternoon. It is located in the same path from the Luntai to Tarim River Bridge in the middle crossroad. The 24 meters high watchtower can not be missed to climb. Out of the “official” park, you can go to see the poplar in the folk. That's a piece of vegetable field referred to the locals, because it is lush like cabbage fields.

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