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Long Lake


Weize village, Long Lake town, Kunming city, Yunnan Province, China

Reasons to visit

Noted for beautiful natural lakeside scenery, attractive mountain view and karst landscape

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Kunming Long Lake (Chinese Name: 长湖风景区) is located in northwest of Weize Village in Shilin County, Yunnan Province. It is 17 km from Shilin County. As the shape of the lake is long and narrow, hence the name. The elevation of Long Lake is 1907 meters, and it is about 3,000 meters and 400 meters wide, with the area of the water about 80 hectares. The lake have two islands covered with flowers and trees, you can board the islands. The Dushishan Hill Camp Site of Hunan Yi Insurrectionary Army was located here. The shape of the lake looks like a tall girl.

What to See

Main Attactions: Dushishan Hill, Dajian Hill, Er Jian Hill, Mopan Hill, Penglai Island, Yuanhu Lake and so on. The whole area covers an area of 3.94 square kilometers. It is a famous scenic spot for camping, spend one's holidays, recuperating, water activities, appreciating and joining ethnic group dance performances.

【Long Lake】
Long Lake is a lava lake. The water is supplied by groundwater. It is 5 km in perimeter , 300 m wide, with an average depth of 24 meters. The water is clear, no pollution. Surrounded by green hills, the plant coverage here is more than 95%. The air here is fresh and clean with good transparency. In the center of the Long Lake, there are four islands. The islands are covered with wildflower and fruit, and is the habitat of waterfowls. The lake shore is the forest which are mainly Yunnan pines. With flat terrain, it has lots of small lakes. The environment here is clean and beautiful. Here you can go boating, fishing, hiking and shooting crossbow, have a picnic or pick fruit.

Long Lake is said to be the hometown of Ar Shima. According to legend, it was the place where Ar Shima. washed face and clothes. It is a sacred lake for local people. During the Lunar June 24, Sani people celebratethe Torch Festival at the Long Lake, and there are full of songs, flowers and people, and the wrestling, bullfighting and big sanxian dance are very brilliant.

It was said that in a long time ago, a place of Yi nationality called Azhaodi, there lived a beautiful and industrious Sani ethnic girl Ashimar. She fell in love with honest and brave Yi ethnic young man Ahei, but the overbearing landlord's son Azhi took a fancy to Ashimar, and he taken Ashimar away by force. Ahei went through a rough passage, and then saved Ashimar. On their way home, flash floods swept away Ashimar, and Ashimar turned into a mountain, standing there, overlooking the distance, in looking forward to her brother Ahei.

Long Lake Travel Tips

There are bamboo raft and tents renting in the scenic area. There are also retail departments and restaurants.

If visitors have enough time, they can visit Stone Forest first and than visit Long Lake in afternoon, and stay one night here.

Prepare essential balm or other medicines to prevent mosquito bites.

How to Get to Long Lake

Long Lake Scenic Area is located in Weize Village Stone Forest County, it is in mountains and dense forest, 26 km away from southeast Stone Forest Scenic Spot. People can take bus No.65 to Weize in the Eastern Passenger Station in Stone Forest County. The distance from Weize to Long Lake Scenic Area is 2.5 km, 30 minutes by walking, or you can take minibus to there.

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