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Long Island Temple Island Archipelago


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Long Island Temple Island Archipelago is located in the Liaodong peninsula and Shandong peninsula, known as the “sea Spirit Mountain”, is made up of 32 islands that is temple island archipelago, the unique blue sky, clear water, sunshine, beach, poetic and picturesque at the same time, each island has its own characteristic.

There are a lot small islands. Bird Island is the kingdom of birds; birds fly high into the sky which is spectacular. Big and small bamboo island named after bamboo, green bamboo, with the blue sky blue sea present beautiful scenery of regions south of the Yangtze River. The Small Black Island is kingdom of the snake, thrives on the island with more than ten thousand giant poisonous viper, and is China’s second largest snake island. Tuoji rocky island is the world of the stones, the stones there are colorful and the whole island under the background of stones presents a colorful world of the mural.
 Long Island in Shandong
♦ Transport
Long Island is located in Dongying, Shandong province, near Bohai bay. If you want to go to Long Island, only by ferry from Penglai to get there, this is the only way in and out of the Long Island. During the tourist season, the ferry is quite a lot to go in and out, as long as the wind is not strong, ferry can smoothly go in and out. The island’s main traffic tools are mainly taxis and bicycles, although there are buses but not many, therefore it is inconvenient.
♦ The best travel season
Long Island is warm in winter and cool in summer, annual average temperature is 19 ℃. Due to the coastal areas, summer is the best time to travel, swimming, eating seafood, walking down the beach, is really very comfortable.

In addition, the summer fresh air in Long island with negative oxygen ion called “air vitamin”, 20000 per cubic meter, which is 20 times than inland city.

♦ Travel information
1. Traveling to Long Island must to eat seafood, visitors must pay attention to whether the seafood is fresh, and also need to ask price in advance.
2. A feature to travel Long Island is taking boat, the boat is the main traffic tools visiting the scenic spots in Long Island. So if you get seasick, preparing pills in advance to avoid physical discomfort, and affect your good mood to travel.
3. Summer to Long Island, it is not suitable for wearing high-heeled shoes, because you are mostly walking in the slope, and beach shoes or sneakers is the best.
4. Swimming in the beach, sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses are also indispensable.
5. Visitors who like fishing can bring their own fishing gear.
6. Even if it is summer, the average temperature in Long Island is only 22.8 , , the lowest temperature at night can reach 18 , tourists had better prepare a long trousers in case of catching a cold.

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