Jinkeng Rice Terraces


Longsheng County, Guilin, Guangxi, China

Reasons to visit

Best place to admire natural landscape and folk-custom of Chinese minorities

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Jinkeng  Rice Terraces is reputed as a unique landscape of the world tourism landscape. The rice terraces here are so grand with cloud and mist surrounding the summit of the hills. And you will also find Yao Village with unique characteristics. Here is not just the heaven for photographers from domestic and overseas, but also a wonder place for leisure sightseeing of tourists all over the world. The whole scenic area covers over 10 square km. The terraces were cultivated since Yuan Dynasty with a history of hundreds of years.
In the mountains of the northeast part of Heping Village in Longshen County lies the Dahzai Village. It is over 10 square km in area with over 20 cottages and a population of more than 5000. Hong Yao, a breach of Yao ethnic group, is living here. The ancestors of Hong Yao people were moved from Donting and Wuxi of Hunan Province, and they brought an advanced technique of growing rice. Now, the field in front of Dazhaicun School was the earliest field cultivated by their ancestors.
Hong Yao people do not have their own characters, and the history of them was passed down by folk songs. They are very simple and hospitality. The women here love red color clothes, hence the name of Hong Yao.

Three Features

【Well Preserve of the Natural Landscape and Environment】
Jin Keng is located at the mountains where blocked by high mountains and have no roads to the outside world. Pinfubao Mountain, the highest mountain with an altitude of 1916 m in Longsheng, is imposing here. The original forest still very prosperous here. There are many streams with rich water resources. The stilted buildings here combine well with the whole environment.
【Beautiful Scenery】
The beauty of the scenery here is so amazing that can not just be described as painting or poem. The terraces here are in good order with various lines which are mainly curves, showing a dynamic beauty. The long curves and wave lines like the colored ribbons drifting down from the sky. Some hills looks like pagoda with terraces on the hill; some terraces looks like a eagle opening its wings from distance.
【Simple and Hospitable Yao People】 
Peoples here respect and love old people. When encounter old people, they always let old people go first. And they always help each other. Here you can also see simple folk dance and ethnic costumes and listen folk songs. Each lunar June 6 is the largest festival of Hong Yao People. It is also called Shaiyi Festival, Zongba Festival or Half Year Festival. In this day, all friends and relatives will be invited, each family makes Zongzi, and the cottage will kill pig for worship of the temple god.
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Best Travel Time

1. From May 25 to June 11, when the rice were just transplanted, the terraces are filled with water, the scenery is very beautiful
2. Middle July: the rice just grows up and fields are so green and the weather here is very cool.
3. Before or after Mid-Autumn Day: the whole area is golden.
4: Snowy days in winter: there will snow for one or twice in a year. The terraces have a special scenery when covered with snow.

Jinkeng Rice Terraces Sightseeing Cable Car

• Starting Point: Dazhai Park Lot
• Ending Point: Jinfoding (Golden Buddha Summit)
• Duration: 30 min
• Length: 1580 meters

The Sightseeing Cable Car
of Jinkeng Rice Terraces was opened in Oct. 1, 2012. It is very continent for tourists. It used to be hard for children and the older to hiking in the Jinkeng Rice Terraces, and now, tourists could appreciate the beauty of the rice terraces in the comfortable cable car. Many Tousits choose to take the cable car up to Jinfoding and then walk out the scenic area to have a close looking of the amazing scenery.

At the shooting spots for photography fans, the cable car’s line will not appear.