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Hongjiang Anceint Commercial Town


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Located in the southwest of Hunan province snow peak mountains area, its east, west, and north border Hongjiang city, south is adjacent to Huitong County. The Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town is a characteristic scenic spot in China's Hunan Province. The town boasts more than 380 intact ancient structures erected during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. Hongjiang area has a long history and human landscape and colorful natural landscape, heritage is very rich. Hongjiang ancient city with a long history is the post since ancient times, is a commercial port, and is a major fireworks town, more than 3000 years history of civilization. The buildings endured the ages with some wear, but they remain vivid reminders of the luxurious lifestyle of wealthy merchants. Known as the “thoroughfare of seven provinces”, “small Chongqing”, “small Nanjing”, “the pearl of the west”, “southwest city”, Hongjiang is south politics, military, economic, religious and cultural center in west of Hunan. It is preserved ancient architectural complexes, and classic residential buildings in south of our country, live version of the painting “Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival” which is rare in the country. If put it as a key cultural landscape in the Hunan to develop, it will become another Hunan tourism brand.
 Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town

Hongjiang Ancient Commercial Town is located in Yuanshui river, Wushui water confluence, it originated in the Spring and Autumn dynasty, forming in the Tang dynasty, the heyday in Ming dynasty, and it is the best preserved ancient building group. Now according to expert textual research, is still well preserved Honhjiang ancient commercial town of Ming and Qing ancient architectural structures, such as monasteries, basement houses, money shops, trade firm, foreign firm, workshops, shops, inns, brothel, newspaper, such as more than 380 buildings, with a total area of about 200000 square meters.
♦ Introduction
Hongjiang basement house built in the Ming dynasty mostly is a system of brackets inserted between the top of a column and a crossbeam. Series of grey tiles and plastered wall, cornices are carved dragon phoenix. These ancient buildings arranged according to tic-tac-toe, strewn at random in the formation of the “eight lanes, nine streets” unique landscape. The ancient house will matter within the group of lane, green flag road winds its way and terminals. There are beautifully designed, carver exquisite, different styles of the Taiping cylinder used for fire more than 48. Experts say, here is the earliest, largest and most complete ancient southwestern mall.
♦ History

Hongjiang has a long history of 3000 years, is the post since ancient times, is a commercial port, and is a major fireworks town since ancient times of the Ming and Qing dynasties developed into a major fireworks town in distributing tung oil, wood, ash, opium is the west south region economic, cultural and religious center. Hongjiang ancient commercial town is our country modern commercial development of a specimen, is also the most complete one of the most abundant ancient city, named by experts as “the interior of the living fossil” of capitalism with the historical and cultural protection and tourism development value.
♦ Basic Information
► Open time: 08:00-17:00
► Recommended visiting time: one day
► Site: Hongjiang district, Huaihua city, Hunan Province

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