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Donghekou Earthquake Ruins


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Donghekou Earthquake Ruins is the first memorial base for Wenchuan earthquake. The ruins are located in Qingchuan County of Sichuan. It was caused by the earthquake as the most destroyed part in the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake distaster.
Hongguang Town Donghekou village, Shiba Town Qinglong village, Magong Town Woqian village, and Suhe Town Sanfeng village are four major earthquake scenes caused by the movement of the gravitation. People can see the natural phenomena in the earthquake.
The entrance of the park is set in the Guanzhuan Town Xinhua village. Before the earthquake, there was a two-floor building along the river. People who went through the bridge could get to a iron bridge and than to the Xinhua village. This bridge was the only connection between the village and the outside world. Now, this build is destroyed with only one floor left. The breakage on the wall tells us the earthquake situation.

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