Broken Bridge

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Broken Bridge, located in the eastern end of the Bai Causeway in Hangzhou West Lake, is the most well known bridge among numerous big or small ancient and modern bridges in the West Lake.

It is said that as early as in the Tang Dynasty, this bridge was built. The existing bridge is a arched stone bridge built in 1921 which is 8.8 meters in length and 8.6 meters in width. Though it went through heavy repair, its simple and elegant style is still essentially unchanged. Either end of the bridge, there are pavilion architectures like the pavilion of imperial tablet. The bridge is faced with the West Lake, and opposite to the Jade Mountain and Baoshu Tower. The mountain, tower, lake, pavilion, bridge and the peach, willow on the lake bank, form a charming picturesque scenery.

Origin of The Name
People have different opinions for the origin of the name of the Broken Bridge. Someone said the road to the Solitary Hill was broken right here, while someone said upon the stopping of heavy snow, people stepped on the Jade Mountain and overlooked toward south, the Bai Causeway was pure white like a chain, with the sunshine shining upon the bridge, the area exposed to the sun appeared snow melt, like the long pure white chain was broken here, hence, it got its name " Broken Bridge".

Broken Bridge has spreaded the touching love story between Xu Xian and the White Snake, also because of this story, it has become the most famous bridge in the West Lake. The White Snake was originally a small white snake cultivated in the mountains. One day, the white snake was caught by an old catching snake man, almost suffered fatal disaster, however, thanked to a shepherd boy who rescued the white snake. After 1,700 years of cultivation, the White Snake finally got the human shape. Pointed by the Avalokitesvara, she came to Hangzhou West Lake to find the shepherd boy who was the saviour in her previous life. It was Tomb-sweeping Day and was misty and rainy day. On the Broken Bidge of the West Lake, the White Snake finally found her savior Xu Xian, and then they were tied to each other in bonds of matrimony.