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Alpine Rhododendron Forest of Baima Snow Mountain


Southeast of Deqin, Yunnan Province.

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Nature reserve area.

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In the western Yunnan alpine gravel slopes are little evergreen plants, but there are still lush rhododendron forests. At an altitude of 2600 to 4200 meters mountain, the alpine rhododendron grows quietly bloom here year after year. Their meaning of life as if bloom beautiful flowers. From the point of biological, they are plants living in groups. They grow together, bloom together in spring and summer forming pieces of intoxicating "flowers" wonders.

Western Yunnan alpine rhododendron forest is rich in rhododendron plant species, with dense rhododendron, rhododendron clementinae and so on more than 200 kinds. The color of the azaleas in full bloom season, numerous and complicated color decorated the mountains to magnificent brilliant beauty.


Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve is located in the middle of Hengduan Mountains in the northern section of Yuengling Main Peak of Baima Snow Mountain (also known as Baimang Snow Mountain) and the snow-capped mountains of the Jinsha River Slope. Administrative belonging to the Diqing Tibetan autonomous prefecture bordering Tibet Mangkang county on the north, on the other side of the Jisha river and Derong county in Sichuan province in the east, With a total area of 1879931 hectares.

Baima Snow Mountain Nature Reserve was set up in 1983, covers an area of 1880 square kilometers, including the northern section of Yuengling Baima Snow Mountain and Renzhi Snow Mountain, between the Jinsha River and Lancang River. Reserve Mountains derive from Mount Tunggula in Tibet name Ningjing Mountains; call Yuengling in the Yunnan region, and it is watershed between Lancang River and Jinsha River. The reserve mountain line is at an altitude of 4000 meters, there are 20 mountain peaks more than 5000 meters above sea level.

With a total area of 1879931 hectares, the natural forest area of 76658 hectares, accounting for a total area of 40.8%.Opening forest land area of 7538 hectares, accounting for a total area of 4.0%;Shrubbery area of 15951 hectares, accounting for a total area of 8.5%;New planting area covers an area of 81 hectares, accounting for a total area of 0.1%;No forest land area of 38978 hectares, accounting for a total area of 20.7%;Non-forest area of 48771 hectares, accounting for a total area of 25.9%. The stocking volume in the preserve is 16338757 cubic meters.

Baima Snow Mountain at an altitude of 5430 meters is 3500 meters higher than the near valley, forming obvious vertical landscape zone. Below 2300 meters are the dry-hot valleys sparse thickets slopes; 3000 to 3200 meters is coniferous, broad-leaved and deciduous forest, mixed forest zones; up to 3200 to 4000 meters is subalpine dark coniferous forest, which is the main part of the conservation of forest resources, with a variety of evergreen rhododendron and wormwood meadow grasses.


Reserve climate is wet and dry in different season; rainfall is less but concentrated, climate change along with the increasing of altitude, forming the characteristics of warm and dry. Therefore, the perpendicular band spectrum of natural landscape is obviously.

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