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What Shows to Watch in Liuzhou

What Shows to Watch in Liuzhou? The Guangxi national music painting "Bagui Big Song", the 3D dance poem "Dong" and the national song and dance drama "White Lotus" are called "Liuzhou Culture Trilogy", which illuminates the culture of Liuzhou and becomes the finest and trend of Liuzhou culture. Prosperity and a strong testimony.


Bagui Dage Show 《八桂大歌》

  • •Location: Liuzhou art theatre (柳州市艺术剧院)

What Shows to Watch in Liuzhou?

The show of Bagui Dage is divided into "labor theme" and "love theme". It is mainly composed of more than 40 folk songs deeply rooted in the national soil and rich in ethnic customs, supplemented by dance, national instrumental music and national costumes. The perfect combination of the rhythm and the pictures, it interprets and praises the style of the people of the Miao, Yao, Dong, Zhuang and Jing ethnic groups in Bagui Land of all ages.

The show has performed more than 3,000 performances so far, and its footprints are all over the country, as well as Europe, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. The artistic form of the Bagui Dage shows the rich ethnic customs and beautiful living conditions of Guangxi, and writes the values and beautiful images of the people of Guangxi. It is a representative work reflecting the harmony, unity and progress of Guangxi.

Bagui Dage Show has won three top prizes in the “Top Ten Boutiques of National Stage Art Projects”, “Cultural Awards” and “China's Best Festival Repertoire Awards”. It is the most reputed and highest repertoire of the Guangxi single drama. It is the first and most extensive cultural communication activity in the history of Chinese stage art. It became another nationally renowned cultural brand after Guangxi's "Liu Sanjie Impression Show".


Dong Show《侗》

  • Duration: 100 min
  • Location: Liuzhou art theatre (柳州市艺术剧院)

The dance poem Dong Show can be divided into eleven sections by different life pictures, including "Root Raising", " Slope Meeting", "Longing For Love", "Moon", "Stepping On The Moon", "Baby Fun", "Water Wheel Squeak", "Fish Play", "Growing The Sun", "Pregnant", "Stepping On The Tang", showing the natural, harmonious and happy life scenes of the Yi people in Sanjiang County with labor, games and communication of different ages and groups.

In these scenes that touch every aspect of Dong people's life, the relationship between human beings, human beings and nature, and human beings and their inner heart is closely intertwined. The simplicity and beauty of the Yi people's life, the kindness and enthusiasm of the people, and the eternal calm of the painful search, are conveyed to the audience with the dreamlike stage and the soft and soft dance.

The whole show has the grand features of panoramic, three-dimensional, wide angle and multi-sided. With the power of high technology, it presents a three-dimensional, beautiful, simple and natural paradise in front of the audience. Compared with traditional dance, "Dong Show" uses a multi-dimensional visual communication to bring the audience a full range of feelings, let the audience follow the dreamlike picture, step by step to this beautiful, simple, natural, mysterious place.


Bailian Show《白莲》

  • Location: Liuzhou culture and art center grand theater (柳州文化艺术中心大剧场)

What Shows to Watch in Liuzhou?

Bailian, or White Lotus in English, is China's first large-scale national musical. "Bai Lian" was rehearsed by the Liuzhou Song and Dance Troupe of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It was launched in 1998 and was praised by experts as a national-level repertoire completed by the city-level troupe. The creative team brought together the famous domestic creative staff headed by the general director Zhang Jigang. It is another masterpiece launched after the creation of Liu Sanjie, which was staged in Liuzhou City at the end of the twentieth century and in the late 1950s. It has been widely praised by the leaders of the Ministry of Culture and people from all walks of life.

"White Lotus" is a national musical that celebrates truth, goodness and beauty through a beautiful and touching love story. The story happened a long time ago, the clerk married white lotus with three jars of wine. Bai Lian loves to sing, but her husband will not let her sing, saying that the folk song will attract the "mountain ghost". Ghost also loves to sing. "Mountain Ghost" and Bai Lian meet, know and love each other through folk songs. Their mountain songs are earth-moving. As soon as the drama came out, it made a sensational effect in the country with sweet songs, beautiful dances and touching stories. The domestic literary and art circles hailed it as one of the "highest standards of Chinese stage art at the end of the 20th century", and the Ministry of Culture called it the first large-scale national musical in China.

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