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Go Shopping at Rare Stone City

Liuzhou is a historical and cultural city with a history of more than 2,100 years. It is also known as the natural stone city of China, and has the reputation of “Chinese Stone Capital”. Liuzhou is known for its unique rare stone resources in the domestic market. Go shopping at stone market is one of popular activities in Liuzhou.


Liuzhou is located in the tropical karst area of South Asia. The unique natural condition of karst landform makes liuzhou's unique mountains and rivers. Therefore, the resources of Liuzhou rare stones are very rich, not only large in amount and species, but also good quality, high grade, has long been known at home and abroad.

According to Yang Zezhao, vice president of the Liuzhou Collectors Association, Liuzhou rare stones are mainly from four regions, namely Maanshi, Youlanshi, painted pottery stone in Laibin City, Caohuashi in Wuxuan County, and colored pebbles in Sanjiang County and Dahua in Dahua County. Judging from the national rare stone market in recent years, Liuzhou rare stone is infinitely beautiful and has been favored by many collectors.



Liuzhou Rare Stone City, founded in October 1999, is located in No. 232, Donghuan Road, Liuzhou City, covering an area of 30,000 square meters, mainly engaged in the development of rare stones, mineral crystals, handicrafts, gemstones, jade and rare stone resources. Liuzhou stone city is an international stone trading center, China stone culture exchange center, characteristic tourist attractions.

Liuzhou Rare Stone City has a unique architectural style and complete functions. There are more than 600 strange stone shops, large mineral crystal exhibition halls, matching center, professional website, as well as supporting facilities such as accommodation, transportation and large parking lots. It is an international rare stone trading center, a stone culture exchange center and a special tourist attraction.


Liuzhou Rare Stone City won the honorary award of "annual market" of China Collection magazine. After several years of cultivation, the market has become more and more popular, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign merchants and tourism teams to visit and trade. Liuzhou Rare Stone City has become one of the important places for the party and government leaders of Liuzhou to receive guests, and it is also a window for Liuzhou to establish a national excellent tourist city.


Rare Stone Culture

Liuzhou Rare Stone culture has become an extremely unique taste and an important element in the creation of Liuzhou city business cards. In China, Liuzhou first appeared in the scale of the strange stone market, the first to open the Stone Culture Expo Pavilion, the first to go out to hold the Stone Exhibition. There are thousands of professional shops in Liuzhou Stone City. The traffic volume and daily transaction volume are second to none in the country, forming a huge army of strange stone industry, creating a group of powerful and insightful ornamental stone business entrepreneurs.


Rare Stone Types

According to the formation and distribution area, Liuzhou rare stones can be divided into dozens of major categories such as hillstone, water stone, earth stone, hole stone, rock, fossil and mixed stone; according to its ornamental nature, it can be divided into more than one hundred stone species. Among the nine known ornamental stone groups in mainland China, except wind stone and meteorite, the rest of them can be produced in Liuzhou. Liuzhou strange stone accounts for more than one third of the total number of strange stones in China.

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