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Take a Cruise in Liujiang River

Liujiang river is the mother river of Liuzhou. Liujiang River winding through the city of Liuzhou, in the city came a 180-degree turning, forming a huge "U" shape. The Baili Liujiang River area is one of the key scenic spots in Liuzhou city, Guangxi and a national 4A scenic spot. Take a night cruise is one of the best ways to visit Liujiang river. 


Take a boat trip to Liujiang, let your eyes see the beauty of the two sides, and feel the refreshing air and fresh breeze. Starting from the Liuhang Cruise Terminal, the first thing that catches the eye is Wenhui Bridge, Jiangbin Park, and the water music fountain. Under the illumination of the color landscape lights, they are like a string of crystal clear colored night pearls. On the way, the Panlong Shuangta Mountain and the Temple of Literature have added a strong cultural heritage to the night tour of Liujiang. Take a boat tour to enjoy the essence of Liuzhou's night scene. Liuhang Cruise Ship Terminal is located next to Wenhui Bridge, next to Jiangbin Park, just opposite Liuzhou's large musical fountain. It enjoys a good location. It takes about 1 hour to travel by boat to Baili Liujiang.


When the night comes, the neon lights on both sides of the Baili Liujiang River are shining, and the bustling streets are crowded. Under the illumination of the color landscape lights, the urban riverside mountains, waterfalls and musical fountains are reflected in the Liujiang River, which is the most attractive scene in the night of the Dragon City. The neon is full of brilliance and presents a different style. The various bridges across the Liujiang River in the night also add dazzling brilliance to Liujiang.



The two most beautiful sights of Baili Liujiang are the water music fountain and the waterfall of the Dragon Mountain. Liuzhou Music Fountain is the largest river surface floating musical fountains in Asia currently. The Liujiang large water music fountain is 328 meters long and 40 meters wide, with 832 sets of nozzles. The music fountain pushs Liujiang night cruise tour to the climax, intertwined with the fascinating music fountain, like a magical sky.


Liuzhou Panlong Mountain Waterfall Group has a total length of 650.59 meters. The maximum drop of the water at the Longshan Mountain is 25 meters, and the maximum level is 4, of which the main waterfall of the Panlongshan waterfall is 220 meters long and the drop is 13 meters. It is currently the world's largest urban landscape waterfall group, and won the honor of “Shanghai Great World Guinness record”. The Panlong Waterfall is open every day, especially when it comes to night, which is a good view of night travel photography.


Baili Liujiang, Baili Gallery is the most distinctive landscape in Liuzhou. The boat has realized the dynamic connection of the ship in the scenery and the scenery in the ship, which is called the most beautiful moving scenery of Baili Liujiang.


Travel tips

►Liuzhou Liujiang Cruise Ticket Price

1, Ordinary boat is 80 yuan, the first shift at 20:00, the second shift at 21:00

2. Gaily-painted pleasure-boat is 100 yuan

3. No.1 Ruitong Cruise is 130 yuan, the first shift(on weekend) at 19:30, the second shift at 20:45

►Cruise Operating hour: 19:00 – 22:00

►Boarding address: Seafarers' pier (Liuhang Cruise Wharf), Liubei District, Liuzhou City

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