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Take Part in the Liuzhou International Water Carnival

Liuzhou International Water Carnival is a large-scale celebration in Liuzhou, Guangxi, China, which is usually held during the National Day. It has become a special activity in Liuzhou. Since 2011, Liuzhou has hosted a water carnival during the National Day holiday of the year, promoting urban construction through festivals, creating a livable ecology, and filling in the “happiness list” of the people. If you are planning to have a tour to Liuzhou in October, or just want to take part in the carnival, this is your best shot.

Since 2011, Liuzhou Water Carnival has become a more influential urban festival brand at home and abroad. It has won the “China Top Ten Brand Festival” twice and has become a grand festival for Liuzhou citizens to share cultural development achievements. It has become an important communication platform for water sports enthusiasts at home and abroad, become a shining business card that displays the image of Liuzhou city, highlights national characteristics, and expands open cooperation as well as created a new image of “China's water sports entertainment capital”.


Here, we will introduce the activities of 2019 Liuzhou International Water Carnival. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, the opening ceremony of the 2019 China Liuzhou International Water Carnival and Water Leisure Games was held in Jinshajiao on the evening of September 30th. It was the first time to use the form of floating platform, which truly realized the vision of creating a water stage on the Liuzhou River, showing the beautiful scenery of the Baili Liujiang River.

There are songs, dances, shows, acrobatics and other wonderful performances to show Liuzhou characteristic culture and celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. Water sports such as water trappers, sailboats, and vertical motor boats are combined with water stage repertoires to showcase the unique urban charm of Liuzhou's water entertainment capital with the colorful laser show and the beautiful water flying show. The fireworks were fired on the sky to open the prologue of the water carnival.


【Carnival Industry Cultural Exchange Season

From October 1st to October 3rd, Liuzhou Dongfang DreamWorks and Liukong Culture and Art Pioneer Park held a carnival industrial and cultural exchange season. The trend of the Liuzhou brand is coming. Liuzhou Brand Exhibition, Liuzhou Black Technology, Workwear Creative Exhibition, etc., have collected the new gameplay of the Liuzhou brand, showcase the Liuzhou brand trend through live exhibitions and interactive games. In addition, there are performances of the trend and retro collision, the interaction of square dance and street dance, industrial wind percussion performance, Akabella pure vocal singing, work clothes trend T-stage, etc.


【City Cultural Exchange Week

From October 1st to October 3rd, the City Cultural Exchange Week was held simultaneously in the ancient town of Yaobu. China's Liuzhou and Portugal's Porto have a friendly city exchange. Heavyweight Portuguese guests such as Portuguese national treasure singer, president of the Royal Portuguese Winery Group, famous football coaches and other guests were invited to Liuzhou for performance exchanges. Liuzhou also invited national non-genetic inheritors to interact. Portuguese style food meets with local specialties in Liuzhou, and a delicious feast is waiting for you to appreciate.


【Swim in Baili Liujiang River

On October 2, thousands of people swim from Jiangbin Park to Jinshajiao waters of Baili Liujiang River. The number of people participating in the swimming has broken thousands, and swimmers from all over the country gather in Liuzhou for a passionate swim! The paddleboard escort team performed a water queue show, nearly 50 paddleboards in the beautiful liujiang river water show a variety of formation changes and various wonderful difficult movements, expressing the beauty of liujiang, the beauty of sports!


Beer Music Festival

From September 30th to October 5th, Liuzhou Oriental Dream Workshop and Liukong Culture and Art Pioneer Park combined the snail powder food festival with the beer music festival to create a joyful experience of taste, sight and hearing. The Asian Beer Festival is a strong landing in Liuzhou, with hundreds of global beers from North America, Europe and Asia Pacific to create a high-purity, high-quality all-in-one luxury craft beer lineup! There are also interesting interactions such as the Wine King Contest and the Eater King Contest!


【Forest Music Festival

From October 2nd to October 3rd, the visitors are in the beautiful forest scenery of the Junwu Forest Park, enjoying traditional folk musical performances and a carnival tour full of oxygen. The customs activities of ethnic minorities were set up on the spot, and everyone participated in the interactive game experience!


【Water Sports Meeting

►Baili Liujiang International City Beach Volleyball Tournament

►Baili Liujiang International Jet Ski Open Championships

►Baili Liujiang HOBIEI6 International Sailing Open Championships

►Baili Liujiang International Kayak Drifting Competition

►Baili Liujiang International SUP Pulp Board Drifting Competition

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