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Take a Water Bus in Liujiang River

There are many ways to visit the Liujiang River. Taking a water bus is the cheapest way to visit Liujiang River. It is not only convenient, but also you will not worry about traffic jams. Liuzhou is one of the seven cities in the country with its own water bus.


In order to create urban three-dimensional traffic, ease land traffic pressure, improve the way the citizens travel, use Liujiang's rich water resources, and upgrade and build the “Bali Liujiang” tourism, the Liuzhou government decided to build a convenient water bus service.


There are 20 stops for the construction of the water bus. There are 4 lines and 9 stops in the first phase of trial operation, and 10 water buses are put into the water, including 2 ships with 20 passengers and 8 ships with 12 seats.


Line 1 is a loop line, the route is Nanchedu Wharf - Seafarers' Wharf - Yaobu Wharf - Municipal Certificate Office - Back Gate of City Committee - Jinshajiao – Dong Gate- Beichedu Wharf - Xilai Temple - Hongguang Jingjiang Court - Nanchedu Terminal. The crossing routes of Line 2, 3 and 4 are respectively Nanchedu Wharf - Beichedu Wharf, Dongmen - Seamen Wharf, Back Door of The Municipal Party Committee - Municipal Certificate Office.


Operating time

The operation time is from 7 am to 6 pm, the crossing line runs every 10 minutes during the peak period, every 20 minutes during flat hump period and the circle line runs every 30 minutes, each voyage takes 100 minutes.



During the first trial operation period, the fare of Line 1 is 3 yuan/person/time, and the line 2, 3, and 4 is 2 yuan/person/time. In the future, it will be adjusted according to the operation situation. Passengers can use the bus IC card or cash to ride the water bus.



After all, water is not as stable as land. People must pay attention when they get on the boat. Don’t gather on one side of the boat to prevent the boat from tilting and sinking. The water bus is a panoramic skylight, and the public can see the shore scenery no matter which side they sit on. you don't have to squeeze it aside. After the passenger ship is launched, passengers should not walk around in the cabin to prevent the passenger ship from balancing.


It is best for the elderly and children not to take the boat alone, and to be accompanied by family members. At the same time, people with heart disease, high blood pressure, pregnant women, and serious seasickness are also advised not to take a water bus. When the vessel is docked, the passengers must sit in the seat, wait for the sailors to smash the cable to the shore, and place the board for the boarding and disembarking. After the hull is completely stopped, the passengers will be disembarked in an orderly manner.

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