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Watch Guilin Romantic Show in Yangshuo

Guilin Qianguqing Show, also known as Guilin Romantic Show, is a must-see large-scale song and dance show in Guilin. Using a unique director's technique and a new expression form, it reproduces the historical culture and national customs of Guilin. Watch Guilin Romantic show in Yangshuo is one of top things to do in Yangshuo, Guilin.


The large-scale song and dance drama “ Romantic Show in Guilin” is divided into “ Legend of Guilin”, “Flying Songs for Mother Earth”, “Eternal Lingqu Canal”, “Love Song on Lijiang River”, “Looking for Liu Sanjie” and son on, which reproduces an romantic story of Guilin, a time of shining spears and armed horses, using advanced high-tech means such as sound, light, electricity, holography and stage machinery.

Hundreds of actors and actresses perform with all their feelings in the three-dimensional space of water, land and air, sing for the eternal legends of the true, the good and the beautiful on the land of Guangxi, and bring the Guangxi Culture in the landscape of the 800-mile Lijiang River into the vision of the audience. It’s really a visual feast that can shock your soul!


【Legend of Guilin】 桂林传说

On the land of Bagui, a beautiful legend has been circulating. The beautiful Guilin attracts the evil black dragons in the sky because of its charming scenery, which causes the people to live in an unhappy way. General Fubo and Diecai Fairy, in order to protect the common people of Guilin, fight against evil forces and turn into mountains and rivers of Guilin, guarding this loved land.

【Flying Songs for Mother Earth】 大地飞歌

Flying Songs for Mother Earth let us feel the grand song and dance performance of ethnic minorities in a happy rhythm. Guilin is a multi-ethnic area, where Zhuang, Yao, Dai, Miao, Yi and other ethnic minorities live in harmony here, and many beautiful dances and beautiful songs are passed down.


【Eternal Lingqu Canal】 千古灵渠

The Great Wall in the north and the Ling Canal in the south. As the world's earliest artificial canal, the Ling Canal once guided countless boats to and from the south. In order to open the channel for transporting food and soldiers, Qin Shihuang ordered the construction of the Ling Canal. After thousands of dangers, Qin soldiers finally built the Lingqu Canal, opened the traffic of the Xiang River, the Pearl River, and the Li River. Eternal Lingqu Canal, a stage show combing sound, light, and shadow, shows us the sad and touching story that happened here when the Lingqu was built.

【Love Song on Lijiang River】 漓江恋歌

The water is like a belt, the mountain is like a screen, and Qixiu Lianfeng is famous since ancient times. A winding Li River with a total length of 164 kilometers. There are many touching stories of the sons and daughters of Guilin. You can admire the stories of Guilin people, on the rotating skirt, in the exposed smiley, and on the beautiful stage of Guilin Romance show.

【Looking for Liu Sanjie】 寻找刘三姐

Liu Sanjie is a Zhuang figure in folklore. She is clever and smart, singing like bird, beautiful and charming, and has the reputation of singing fairy. She has become a business card for Guilin tourism. Today, tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad came to Guilin to look for Liu Sanjie in their hearts. The endless sound of singing expresses the longing for love and happy life.


Basic information

Chinese name: 桂林千古情

Performance time: 12:00, 19:30

Ticket: 280 yuan

Duration: 1 hour

Enquire line: 0773-8880777

Location: Guilin Romance Park, Qianguqing Avenue, Yangshuo County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

Transportation: take a bus / line bus to reach Yangshuo County, and you can take taxis, trams, or bicycles to reach Guilin Romance Park Scenic Area.

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