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Hiking in Guilin

Hiking in Guilin is a more pleasant way for traveling in Guilin. Tourists could enjoy the beauty of Guilin and tastes local are life by this slow way. You could explore Longji Terrace and the surrounding minority villages by trekking, see the pretty good view of Li River by walking along the River from Guilin to Yangshuo, and enjoy the peaceful country life by walking into the countryside of Yangshuo as well as family visit

Classic Guilin Hiking Routes:

•Trekking in Longji Terraces
With a history of more than 700 years, Longji is not just an attraction nowadays but still being use for growing rice by Yao and Zhuang villagers. The rice terraces are built into the hillsides and look like great steps cut into the slopes as they wind around the mountainsides. This ingenious construction makes best use of the scarce arable land and water resources in the mountainous area. Hiking is the best way to admire and experience the green terraced rice paddy of Longji, especially in summer.
Hike in Longji Terrace
Longji Terrace

Day01 Guilin-Longji Terrace Scenic Area by bus or private car in the morning. Full day trekking around Ping An Zhuang Village and Ancient Zhuang Village. Overnight in Ping An Village, where it is easy to book a hotel or guesthouse.

Day02 Set off from hotel in Ping An Zhuang Village in the early morning, trek along the footpath in the terraces from Ping An Village to Dazhai Village for around 4 hours. It ends in Jinkeng Terraces. Then take bus or private car from Dazhai parking lot back to Guilin.

What people can see
Terraced Rice Paddy
Original lifestyle of ethnic villager
Best time for trekking at Longji Terraces: April-October
Hike in Longji Terrace
Longji Terrace

•Hiking along Li River
There are many ways to enjoy the beauty of the Li River, hiking is one of them. What’s more, it is the most interesting one which combine sightseeing and physical exercise together. This program offers the great opportunity to discover the most essence Yangdi-Xingping part on your own feet.
Hike in Li River
Hike in Li River

Itinerary: Drive to Yangdi after breakfast from the hotel in Guilin and dropped off at Yangdi pier. Start the hiking to Xingping along the riverbank. The famous sites to be covered in route including Yangdi, Langshi, Nine-hours Mural Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoal and Xiping. Drive to Yangshuo after the short rest at Xingping.

Note: Trekking for around 5-6 hours, 20km
Best time for Li River hiking: April-October

•Walking in Guilin Downtown along Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Two Rivers and Four Lakes consists of Li River, Tiaohua River, Shahu Lake, Ronghu Lake, Guihu Lake as well as Mulonghu Lake, which is the city-round water system. It is just around the city center of Guilin. It is not only scenic area, but also free parks for locals. At night, with the colorful lights, the view along lakes is more gorgeous. The hiking route slong Two Rivers and Four Lakes is walking around the city center of Guilin. It is easy for tourists to start from anywhere of it and ends at anywhere of it as you like.
Hike in Two Rivers and Four Lakes
Two Rivers and Four Lakes

Route: Ancient South Gate(Ronghu Lake)-Yingbin Bridge-Lize Bridge (a red bridge)-Guanyi Bridge(Guihu Lake-Baoxian Bridge-Xiqing Bridge-Baoji Bridge-Beimen Bridge (Mulonghu Lake)-Former 8th Route Army Office-Fubo Hill-Jiefang Bridge-Elephant Trunk Hill Park-Binjiang Road-Wenchang Bridge-Nanmen Bridge(South Gate Bridge)-Ximen Bridge-Spring Lake Lock-Lijun Bridge-Ancient Banyan Tree Double Bridges- Sun and Moon Towers-Yangqiao Bridge- Ancient South Gate
Duration: around 4 hours (10 km)
Best time for this route: all the year round

•Hiking along Yulong River in Yangshuo
The countryside view of Yangshuo is attractive for many tourists. It is just like a landscape painting with peaceful country life, crystal-like water in Yulong River, flowing through the farmland. All of the above are among the pretty hills. The paralleled view cannot found in other places in China. Instead of biking or car tour, visiting it on foot brings you closer to local’s life. You will find different plants in the farmland in different season, such as peach flower blossom and rape flower in Spring, rice and lotus flower in summer, oranges and pomelo as well as golden rice in autumn. Just go with us!
Hike in Yangshuo
Hike in Yangshuo

Take bus from Yangshuo to Yulong Bridge-Xinzhai Village-Guixian Bridge-Jiuxian Village-Xinglong Village-Xiatang Village-Chaoyang Village-Yima Village-Big Banyan Tree-take bus back to Yangshuo
Duration: around 6 hours (16 km)
Best time: March-November

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