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The Top 7 Free Things to Do in Chengdu

Chengdu is well-known for giant panda and Chengdu Hot Pot. There are plenty of worth-visiting attractions and fun things to do in Chengdu, and sometimes it won’t cost money. Here are the top 7 free things to do in Chengdu, have fun in Chengdu.


1.Walk around Jinli Old Street

Jinli Old Street is an ideal place for you to experience ancient culture of Three Kingdoms, as it is said to be one of the oldest commercial streets in Chengdu during that time. Jinli Old Street is about 550 meters in length, architectures around this area are with Ming and Qing styles.

Generally speaking, you may need 1-2 hours for strolling around Jinli Old Street, as there are so many snack bars, small shops and featured teahouses. You can try delicious snacks, find some local artworks and souvenirs here, or you can enjoy a leisure time in a bar or a teahouse.

Top free things to do in Chengdu
Jinli Old Street


2.Check out Kuan Zhai Alley

To have a glimpse of local culture in Chengdu, you should also check out Kuan Zhai Alley, which is also known as Wide and Narrow Alley. Buildings and courtyards in this area were mostly built in the late Qing Dynasty, and now have been converted to different shops, restaurants, bars and teahouses.

Actually, this place is not just for shopping and eating. You can admire ancient architectures and experience folk customs and cultures along Kuan Alley, meanwhile, you can slow down your pace and walk in some traditional courtyards along Zhai Alley. Cultural buffs can take a look at the walls of folk culture along Jing Alley.

Top free things to do in Chengdu
Kuan Zhai Alley


3.Dance with the Locals in People’s Park

People’s Park is a tranquil green space in the city center. Each morning, folks come to the park and participate in various activities, such as singing, dancing or practicing Tai Chi. Usually the dancing involves groups of people, don’t be afraid to join them, dancing with the locals will be one of the fun things to do in Chengdu.

Top free things to do in Chengdu
Dance with the Locals in People’s Park


4.Exlpore Chunxi Road

Chunxi Road is a famous shopping street in Chengdu, which is also the fashion center of Chengdu. This area shows a prosperous Chengdu to the world, with various brand stores and boutique souvenir shops. Besides, you can find many authentic Chengdu snacks here, including Zhong Dumplings, Lai Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls with sweet fillings) and Long Chao Shou.


5.Relax in Wangjiang Tower Park

Wangjiang Tower Park is delicate to Xue Tao, a famous female poet in the Tang Dynasty. Now you can still see some scenic sites related to Xue Tao, like the bamboo forests. Wangjiang Tower Park is a park of bamboo, with more than 200 species of bamboo inside the main scenic area. This park is for free, but you need to pay 20 yuan if you want to enter the tower.


6.See Chengdu’s Landmark——Tianfu Square

Tianfu Square, as Chengdu’s Landmark, covers an area of 88,000 square meters. Some local people in Chengdu like to fly a kite with kids, or take a stroll around the square in the evening. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from People’s Park.



7.Visit Ancient Towns around Chengdu

If you’ve got more days to spend in Chengdu, it will be a great idea to visit ancient towns around the city. Shangli Ancient Town and Luodai Ancient Town are good options for you.

  • Explore Hakka culture: in Luodai Ancient Town, you can get to know traditional culture and custom of Hakka people. Except for the beautiful architectures, local food are delicious as well.
  • See delicate carvings: in Shangli Ancient Town, you’ll be impressed by the stone-paved roads, delicate wood carvings and stone carvings.


Have Fun in Chengdu with Top China Travel

Except for the top 7 free things to do in Chengdu, please feel free to ask us about other fun things to do in Chengdu if you have no idea about your Chengdu travel plan. Here are some sample tours for Chengdu.

Top free things to do in Chengdu
Explore Chengdu with Top China Travel


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