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Tips on Chengdu Panda Base Tour

Chengdu Panda Base Tour is one of the most popular attractions in China. And when do sightseeing in this area, there are some tips for you to see pandas more joyfully.

Are pandas really lazy

The answer is No. Maybe many tourists who have been to Chengdu panda base will think pandas are lazy and hard to see the movements of them. Sometimes they just sleep outdoors without any disturbs from the outside. Actually, this is a mistake for them because you travel there is a wrong time.

About the weather:

If you travel to Panda Base in a fine day, you will be lucky. Because during this day, pandas may more probably enjoy the sunshine and play fun. If you travel there in the afternoon, you may have chance to see the panda baby on the garden lawn.

About schedule of pandas:

Between 12:00 - 13:00: it is the time to have lunch. You can see various poses of pandas when they enjoy the bamboo meals.
Between 15:00 - 16:00: it is the time to have activities. You can catch photos of the active pandas.

About taking photos of pandas:

If you just buy the entrance fee of the site, you have not chance to get touch with pandas. Better to take long zoom lens for a better picture of these lovely animals.
Better to getting around inside gardens because different ages pandas are raised in different areas. If you would like to take as many kinds of pandas as possible, it is necessary to stroll here and there all the time.

About pandas kinds
There are 67 pandas totally in Chengdu Panda Base. From the grown ones to the newborn ones.

Grown giant pandas: the main roles in this base

Small years giant pandas: you can take photos with 1-year-old giant panda (extra fee will be charged)

Panda babies: panda babies are protected in the transparent oxygen supplying boxes

Ailurus fulgens: another lovely animals in this base

About swan lake in Panda Base

There is an extremely beautiful swan lake. There are many kinds of beautiful swans float on the lake. If you visit there between April to May, it is also a world of butterfly.