What to Do in Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is a world famous attraction located in the north west of Beijing City. In addition to its very impressive look and the surrounding mountains and trees of it, there is still a couple of interesting things for visitors to do to get a deeper look of the scenery and culture of Badaling. This page will introduce some interesting things or activities to do at Badaling Great Wall for your reference.

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Watch the Night View of Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall has quite completed facilities. The both side of the wall, as well as the watch tower of the great wall are set up with colored lanterns or lamps. After the night falls, the colored lights of the Great Wall are all open. The blue, yellow and green lamps will make the wall look quite amazing, just like a multicolored lighting dragon hovering on the hill. And you can also enjoy watching splendid entertainment performances in the scenic area. You will never get bored when darkness falls. Have a leisure walk on the wall at night with your families or friends; take great photos of night view in this place. These will let you have an impressive Great Wall tour.

Cycle at Badaling Great Wall

If you want to experience an interesting tour at Badaling, you could rent a bike and cycle near Badaling Great Wall. Badaling is sited in Yanqing, northern of Beijing. Yanqing is famous for its beautiful natural scenery and superior ecological environment. Along the cycling way, you can see beautiful scenery and have a taste of local life. There is a Badaling Great Wall international cycling Tour Festival every year. You can cycle along the race road. The top 11 cycling routes rolled out by the local government, including the Guihe Ecological Corridor and the One-Hundred-li Natural Landscape Gallery, will lead you into a wonderland, allowing you to take in the magnificent natural scenery of Yanqing while cycling. There are many rental spots for you to rent the bikes.

travel to badaling

Watch Red Leaves near the Wall

In October and November every year in the Badaling Great Wall scenic is, most of the leaves of trees here turn red. The wall and the red trees form the most beautiful picture together and look amazing and charming. You can have great views and take great picture if you go to visit the great wall in this time.

Surroundings Scenic Spot

Besides the Great Wall itself, there are also other famous and interesting attractions located surroundings around Badaling, such as, Great Wall China Museum, Badaling Wildlife Zoo, Badaling Ski Resort, Ming Tombs which are the cemeteries of the 13 Ming emperors, 23 empresses, and many imperial concubines, crown princes and princesses after the Ming Dynasty, Juyongguan Pass and so on. After a trip to Badaling, travelers could have a short visit to other places nearby the wall conveniently.