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Top 5 Ancient Villages to Visit around Beijing

Visiting ancient villages is a good way to get to know the local people's life and the local culture. There are usually some old houses, trees and some other things in ancient village. They lead you to the history of the local. In ancient village, there is no bustling life, but clear and beautiful view, no indifferenced reinforced concrete buildings, but old houses with vicissitudes of history to tell. The cyan stone road, bluestone wall, nigger-brown wood windows, dark green tiles, and other various kinds of color mixing together let you slow down your life and enjoy your leisure pace. Although the ancient villages in Beijing, north of China, are not as impressive as those in the south of China, but they also have their own unique beauty and cultural connotation. Here TCT would like to recommend top 5 ancient villages to visit around Beijing. Each of them is worth visiting.

Lingshui Village

Lingshui Village is located in zhaitong Town, Mentougou District, Beijing. It is about 90 km away from Beijing downtown. It is a famous historical and cultural village in China, for there are 22 Ju Ren (a person who passed the imperial examinations at the provincial level) and 2 Jin Shi (a person who passed the highest imperial examinations). They were able to work for the government at that time if they passed the examinations, which would a kind of huge honor for himself and his families. This village has a history of about one thousand years, and the history can trace back to Liao Dynasty in ancient China. Now, here still retains houses built in Liao, Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasty, as well as ancient temples, old trees and wells. But it mainly features by buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The best time to visit there is from September to Novermber.

How to get there from Beijing downtown?
►Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Pingguoyuan Station, get out through Exit A and walk southwest for about 320 meters, then transfer to Bus 892 and get off at Lingshui Village Crossing Stop, then walk for another 3 km, you will get there.

►Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Pingguoyuan Station, then transfer to 929 and get off at Sangyu Crossing Stop. Then take taxi or walk to the village.

Cuandixia Village

Cuandixia Village is also located in zhaitong Town, Mentougou District, 90 km away from Beijing downtown. This village is built around a mountain and the houses are strewn at random. This village has a history of more than 400 years and now there remains about 70 old quadrangle courtyards which are built in Ming and Qing Dynasty. Villagers living here are friendly and are enthusiastic to tell you about the history of the houses. The height of the building, layers of gate eaves and number of steps reflect the statue of master of the house. There are old temples in the village and you can go up the mountain nearby to have a full view of the village.

How to get there: take 892 (6:30 am – 5:50 pm) to Zhaitang Stop, which takes about 3 hours and 50 minutes, then transfer to taxi to get to the village.

Liuliqu Village

Liuliqu Village is also a historic and cultural village with a thousand of history. It is located in zhaitong Town, Mentougou District, Beijing. It is known as the hometown of coloured glaze. Here produced coloured glazes mainly for constructing imperial buildings. The craft of coloured in the village has been passed on for one thousand years. Ancient archways, ancient temples, stages of drama, old wells, stone inscriptions, together with colorful folk customs are all highlights of the village.

How to get there: Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Ping Guo Yuan Stop, then transfer to 929 or 892, get off at Liuliqu Station.

Sangyu Village

Sangyu Village is located in Tanzheshi Town, Mentougou District, west of Beijing. The village is surrounded by hills by three sides and near to a famous thousand-year-old temple, Tanzhe Temple. The view is quite attractive. Old quadrangle courtyards or cottages can be found everywhere in the village. Beautiful elaborately carved arches over the gateway, colorful screen walls, tile carvings, stone carvings are highlights. Attractions here includes old houses, hutongs, old Christianity church, Zhu’s House, Guanghui Temple, Tanzhe Temple, Dingdou Hill, and other sites. You should hire a local guide to show you around, you will get to know the history of the village for him.

How to get there: the transport is convenient. Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Pingguoyuan Stop, then transfer to Bus 931, get off at Nanxinfang Crossing Stop, then walk for another 10 minutes and you will get there.

Jiuyuan Village

Jiuyuan Village is located in Wangping Town, Mentougou District, Beijing. it is the hometown of Ma Zhiyuan, who is a famous dramatist in Yuan Dynasty (1250-1321). The courtyard where Ma Zhi yuan live still stands in the village after repairing. There are old temples, towers, old stone bridges, Jiulong Hill, Yongding River, and other natural and cultural sights. There are many existing ancient courtyards with more than one hundred years of history. Wth the natural topography and houses strewn at random discretion, lush trees, the view is quite beautiful.