Tips on Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival in Beijing

Speaking of cherry blossoms, you may have Japanese sakura in your mind. Do you know that you can see cherry blossoms in Beijing? In 1989, Yuyuantan Park started to hold Cherry Blossom Festival. Since then, it has been a tradition for Yuyuantan Park. The festival usually starts from March to May, tourists will see more than 20 species of cherry trees in their full blossoms during this period of time. Continue reading for some tips on Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival in Beijing.

Yuyuantan Park


Information about Yuyuantan Park

Yuyuantan Park is one of the largest parks in Beijing, covering an area of about 136.69 hectares. Meanwhile, it is the biggest cherry garden in China. With more than 2,000 cherry trees planted in the Cherry Garden, Yuyuantan Park is regarded as the best place to see cherry blossoms in Beijing.

Some cherry trees are imported from Japan, and some other are from cities from northeast regions in China. Each year, the Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival will attract lots of tourists to appreciate those beautiful cherry blossoms.

Usually the best time to see the cherry blossoms in Yuyuantan Park will be late March to late April. The flowering period of the cherry blossoms is extremely short, it only takes 7 days from flowering to withering. For each cherry tree, it only takes 2 weeks for the blossoms to go from buds to pretty flowers through fading and being replaced by green leaves.

Yuyuantan Park

Address: Xisanhuan Nanlu, Haidian District, Beijing

Entrance Fee: RMB 10 during Cherry Blossom Festival

Opening Hours:

  • 6:30 am-7:00 pm (December 1-March 31)
  • 6:00 am-8:30 pm (April 1-May 31, September1-November 30)
  • 6:00 am-9:30 pm (June 1-August 31)


How to Get to Yuyuantan Park?

Yuyuantan Park is very convenient to get to. You can take bus, metro if you prefer public transportation, or you can take a taxi. There are 4 gates to enter Yuyuantan Park, please check on the map for the closest one to your hotel.How to Get to Yuyuantan Park?

East Entrance —— at the east side of Sanlihe Road

  • Take metro Line 1 or Line 9 and get off at the Muxidi Station.
  • Take bus No.320, 114 and get off at the Muxidi North Stop, or take bus No.13, 21, 37 or 65 to Sanlihe West Stop.

West Entrance —— facing the CCTV Tower

Take bus No.300,323,374.

South Entrance —— near Military Museum

Take metro Line 1 or Line 9 and get off at the Military Museum Metro Station.

North Entrance —— Fucheng Road

Take bus No.121, 846, 37 and get off at the Mashenmiao Stop or Baiduizi Stop.


Tips on Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival in Beijing

Follow the tips below to have a safe trip. Absolutely, you can contact Top China Travel for more details, we’re glad to help you if you have any questions on your Beijing tour.

  1. Plan your trip ahead of time. The first two weeks of the festival will be the best period of time to appreciate the beautiful cherry blossoms. However, it will be a bit crowded. So, it’s important to book everything ahead of time.
  2. Check the exact schedule for Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival. Influenced by the weather, the festival will be held on different date each year. Please do check the information before you make you plan, such as the weather report and official announcement for the opening time.
  3. Book your tickets online. It can save your time on queueing.
  4. Go there earlier if possible. The park is opened very early in the morning, you may take a better picture with less people around if you get there earlier. Additionally, you’d better avoid weekends, or else you will be surprised by the crowds.
  5. Follow the staff directions for your safety. Do not crowd or jump the queue. Stay away from the lake when taking pictures.
  6. Consider a day trip. The old CCTV tower, Military Museum and China Millennium Monument are nearby, you can have a connecting trip.
  7. Take full advantage of the entry tickets. You can stroll around the park for the beautiful natural sceneries, or take a boat on the lake. For family with kids, check out the amusement park and water park.
  8. Boating from Yuyuantan Park to the Summer Palace. The lakes are connected.
  9. Take face masks for unexpected needs. When traveling in Beijing, you might need one.


Explore Beijing with Top China Travel

By knowing the tips on Yuyuantan Cherry Blossom Festival in Beijing, you may plan your trip as soon as possible if you’d like to attend this festival. If you’re interested in seeing flowers in Beijing, please feel free to contact us for flowers in different seasons. See our Beijing tours for some good ideas.


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