Tips on Badaling Great Wall Helicopter Tour

Although Badaling Great Wall helicopter tour is very exciting one. While the necessary safety issue also should be paid high attentions. Here we list some tips on Badaling Great Wall helicopter tour for your reference.

Type of Helicopter:

The helicopter we offered for you:

  • French AS350 B3 helicopter, equipped with at least 1 pilot
  • 4 seats for 4 pax tourists to have a helicopter tour together

Badaling Great Wall helicopter tour

Remarks on Reservation

► When confirming the date: Once we have finalized the helicopter tour date with you, no adjustment could be made after that.
► About refunds:

  • 100% handing fee will be charged if you cancel the tour without inform in advance.
  • 50% handing fee will be charged if you cancel the tour 1 day before your tour
  • 10% handing fee will be charged if you cancel the tour 2 days before your tour
  • No handing fee will be charged if the tour is canceled by weather or any other force majeure

► About children: The age range of children is between 3 and 12.
► About the final operation: If we have to cancel the tour because of the weather, ensure we can contact with you timely on that day.

Remarks on Boarding Procedure

1. Be sure to 40 minutes before scheduled departure time arrived at the designated airport check-in.
2. Boarding procedure on departure hall
3. Filling the necessary forms and get your boarding card
4. Telling the staff your departing transport vehicle
5. Following the staff construction to get on the helicopter

Badaling Great Wall helicopter tour

Remarks When Flying

1. Be sure to arrive at the designated airport to do check-in 40 minutes  ahead of scheduled departure time . If you can not check-in on the specified time, there may not be boarding.
2. People required to provide a valid passport or a copy.
3. Prohibited to take the inflammable article easy to explode on board.
4. Prohibited to take weapons and other dangerous items on board.
5. Camera and video to be labeled anti-flash before boarding (in case affected the pilot's control).
6. During flight, prohibited peeled off anti-glare film for photography without permission.
7. Prohibited to take photograph in front of the helicopter strictly before boarding until the plane took off before beginning photography, and fasten your seat belts.
8. Obey the instructions of airport service personnel, prohibit do any activities outside the specified region.
9. For propeller in rotation, be careful not to close the head or tail of helicoper, boarding within the specified channel.
10. Airfoil whirling will produce strong winds, the passengers should pay attention to your hats and scarves, ladies pay attention to skirt.
11. Passengers should pay attention to your head and foot for security while boarding.
12. While boarding, service personnel will designate seats, please follow arrangements.
13. To ensure security, please fasten your seat belt immediately after boarding until the plane landing.
14. The helicopter model passengers aboard can’t be specified.
15. In order to ensure flight safety, please don’t touch any power switch and door handle in the helicopter cabin.
16. After the flight, visitors can take photos in front of the helicopter, but the photos only can be taken by the airport staff.

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