9 Things Not to Do in Beijing

As the capital of China, Beijing will definitely be your first choice if you plan a trip to China. For first timers, Beijing has so much for you to explore, like the Great Wall, Forbidden City and plenty more historical sites. What to avoid doing in Beijing? Read the following 9 things not to do in Beijing to have an easier trip.


1.Don’t Travel during Chinese Holidays.

Beijing is also popular among Chinese citizens, while most foreign tourists consider Beijing a must-visit city in China. Don’t travel to popular tourist cities in China during Chinese holidays, such as Labor Day (May 1-3), National Day (October 1-7) and Spring Festival (late January to February). Because Chinese people will travel around, most famous attractions like Badaling Great Wall and Forbidden City will be really crowded.

What’s more, it’s difficult for you to buy tickets for plane and train from one city to the other, especially if you are traveling during Spring Festival, which is considered to be the world’s largest human migration.


2.Don’t Try to See Every Attraction.

Don’t try to see everything unless you have enough time. Try not to do too much sightseeing in one day, you won’t get the best experience. We understand that you want to see as much attractions as you can during this China trip, but it’s impossible to check all the options on your bucket list in a short time, since there are so many things to do in Beijing. Please don’t build a huge Beijing bucket list, instead, plan 2 to 3 things to do within one day and make sure you have time to rest. A comfortable trip is key.

The Great Wall


3.Don’t Start Your Touring Late.

It’s better to start your day early for main attractions, morning will be great. For the Great Wall and Forbidden City, you can avoid some tour groups if you visit in the morning, so that you can get rid of all the push and squeeze. Just set out early and go back early for your day trips, so that you can avoid cheek to cheek experience during the rush hour. No kidding.

Forbidden City


4.Don’t Miss Public Parks to See Local Life.

Public parks will be perfect if you want to explore local life in Beijing, especially early in the morning or on summer evenings. Senior citizens in China prefer to sing, dance, play Tai Chi and practice Chinese calligraphy in the local parks, no matter which cities you visit. In Beijing, you can think about Beihai Park, Jingshan Park and Tiantan Park.

Beihai Park


5.Don’t Take Bus or Metro at Rush Hour.

Beijing is a massive city in China, meanwhile, it is one of the largest cities in the world. Most people in Beijing choose public transportation to go to work every day, so you’d better avoid taking bus or metro during rush hour, normally 7:30 am to 9:00 am and 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Additionally, don’t expect too much personal space on the subway.


6.Don’t Get “Black” Taxis.

“Black” Taxis, or illegal taxies, won’t be good options if you want to have a safe trip in Beijing. No matter you are in train station, airport or around main attractions in Beijing, the best way is to find the line for a real taxi with a meter, rather than follow someone who comes to you, usually they will charge you more than the actual price. You can download DiDi for a car, which is like Uber.


7.Don’t Go for Tea with Students You Just Met.

You’d better know some well-known scams in Beijing. Some people will approach you and start an interesting conversation with you, then they might invite you to a tea house so that you could talk more about something you’re interested, don’t follow them in case you will pay an unexpected bill for the tea in the end. What’s more, be aware of “art students” scam, and don’t accept the invitation to have a look at their art gallery.


8.Don’t Ignore the Smog.

It’s better to avoid too much aerobic activities unless it’s a clear blue-sky day, don’t ignore the smog in Beijing. Never trust your weather App, as climate in Beijing is not as good as you expect, the fog may appear at any moment. Check the level of air pollution before you plan to spend a day for outdoor activities, because breathing smoggy air for a whole day may cause health problems.

Unpredictable Smog in Beijing


9.Don’t Join Tour Group from the Street.

Usually you may not enjoy good service from them, worse still, they might force you to spend some money in the shops. In order to avoid awful experience when traveling in Beijing, try to pick a legal company if you really need tour service.


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