Service in Badaling Great Wall

Badaling Great Wall is world-famous attractive in China and all around the globe. It provides many humanized and whole-hearted service for visitors. Here will introduce some services which are offered in Badaling Great Wall scenic area.

Tourist Service Center

There is a tourist service center inside Badaling scenic area, which is situated 200 meters to the north of the pass. Here has an information desk, which provides panoramic guide maps, tourism route maps and electronic tour guide service of the scenic spot. It also offers electrically manual wheelchairs, powered wheelchairs, walking sticks and baby strollers. Should you have any questions while visiting in this place, you can get the real and accurate information and warm service from the staff there, such as which parts are the most spectacular, which places are suitable for a rest.


When you enjoy the breath-taking views of Badaling Great Wall, you may want to buy some craftworks of unique national characteristics and other tour souvenirs at souvenir shops and boutiques for your families or friends, as well as a souvenir to commemorate the unforgettable trip to the Great Wall. There are a couple of shops where you can buy souvenirs, such as Badaling outlets, Tourism Handicraft Shop in Badaling Hotel, Great Wall Shopping Center, etc. 

►Badaling outlets mainly sell all sorts of Great Wall-patterned T-shirts, Great Wall commemorative medals, calligraphies and paintings of celebrities, Great Wall modeled furnishing articles, color-glazed terra-cottas and other kinds of souvenirs. 

►Tourism Handicraft Shop in Badaling Hotel sells particularly all kinds of Great Wall tourist souvenirs, celebrity calligraphies and paintings, seals, inkpads, pearls, jades, diamonds, writing brush, ink stick, ink slab and paper, picture postcards, painted fans, 

►You can also works of folk cultural art, such as ambers, color-glazed terra-cotta, print plates, smoking sets, toys, potteries, pearls, shells, crystals in Great Wall Shopping Center, which is only 2.5 km from the Badaling Great Wall. If you are hungry, you can also have Chinese and western snacks and other foods in this shopping center.

Catering Service

Inside Badaling Great Wall scenic area, it provides delicious Chinese food, western cuisines and Chinese local snacks. Here you can enjoy a pleasant and leisure time with the the hustle and bustle of large crowds of the modern urban areas.

Passages and Elevators for the Disabled

Here offers humanized and whole-hearted service for all kinds of visitors. To offer more conveniences to the disabled, here built barrier-free facilities before the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, barrier-free elevators, barrier-free sightseeing stands, barrier-free parking facilities, barrier-free ramp ways, barrier-free sidewalks in the main roads for sightseeing and so on. The disabled can feel quite easy and free to traveling in this amazing attraction.


If you want to stay at Badaling Great Wall to see the fascinating night views of Badaling for the whole night, here provides accommodations service for you. You can stay in Rose Valley Days Hotel or Commune by the Great Wall for the night. Spending the night here allows you to have a experiences of diversified charms comprising red roofs, white walls, nearby rivers, faraway mountains, small bridges and green meadows.

Hotline List

Hotline service: 010-69121383
Tourism consultation: 010-69122222
Tourism complaints: 010-69121235
Medical service: 010-69121209
Broadcasting service: 010-69121617
Police service: 010-69121477