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How to Get to Gubeikou Great Wall from Beijing Downtown

Where is Gubeikou Great Wall?

Address: Southeast of Gubeikou Town, Miyun County, Beijing

Gubeikou Great Wall (古北口长城) is located in Miyun County, 140 kilometers away from downtown Beijing. Gubeikou is a town of Miyun County (密云县)in northeastern Beijing, bordering with Luanping County, Hebei to the north and the Beijing towns of Gaoling to the west, Xinchengzi to the east and Taishitun. Gubeikou has long been a town of military significance and an important pass to Beijing. It welcomes people who are fond of adventures.

There are a couple of ways for you to get to Gubeikou Great Wall from Beijing Downtown as follow.

Way 1

Visitors can take Bus No. 980 from Dongzhimen (东直门) Bus Station to Miyun (密云) Bus Station, then transfer to a mini-bus to arrive at Gubeikou. Howevey, most of the minibuses at Miyun Bus Station are privately owned and charge a lot for foreigners, which are less reliable than the state owned buses. It is suggested to take a state-owned bus, and you are supposed to get off at Gulou (Bell Tower) in Miyun County, and take the state-owned minibus to the north of Miyun Hospital.

Way 2

Take a bus towards Chengde (承德), Luanping (滦平), Weichang (围场) or Fengning (丰宁) from Xizhimen(西直门) or Dongzhimen (东直门) Bus Station to the toll station at Gubeikou and get off the bus, and you will see the wall.

Way 3

If you are not on a budget, it is advisable to rent a car with a tour guide from a local travel agency. Although it is  more expensive than taking the public bus, but the trip is more comfortable and flexible. You can also communicate with the tour guide for more travel information in Beijing. TopChinaTravel offers such services.

Way 4

If you can have a driver license and can drive a car in Beijing, you also can drive to get the great wall. It is supposed to start from Siyuanqiao Bridge, run along Jingshun Road and arrive at Kuliushu Roundabout, head for the direction of Miyun, reach Niulanshan Roundabout, drive along the National Highway 101, pass Miyun County and Taishitun, and you will arrive at Gubeikou Town.

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