How to Get to Beijing downtown from Beijing Airport

Beijing Airport to downtown Beijing

As the main international airport serving Beijing, Beijing Capital International Airport is located 32 km northeast of Beijing's city center.

How to get to Beijing downtown from Beijing Airport? There are many ways for you to transfer from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing downtown. 

By Beijing Airport Express Train(Highly Recommended)

One can take an airport express train from Beijing capital airport to downtown Beijing or vice versa. It is no doubt one of the fastest and the cheapest way for the transfer between two places. The cost of single trip is RMB 25/per person. If you have less luggage, you can take the Airport Express to Dongzhimen or Sanyuanqiao and then transfer the metro to the place you want to go.

Airport Express Train has 4 stops: Dongzhimen Stop, Sanyuanqiao Stop, T3 Stop and T2 Stop. Sanyuanqiao Station connects to Subway Line 10. Dongzhimen Station connects to Subway Line 2 and Subway Line 13.

►Location of Stops:
Terminal 2: B2 of Parking Garage No. 2
Terminal 3: F2 of Parking Garage No. 3

►Operation time for each stop:
Terminal 2: 06: 35 a.m. - 23: 10 p.m.
Terminal 3: 06: 20 a.m. - 22: 50 p.m.
Dongzhimen: 06: 00 a.m. - 22: 30 p.m.
Interval: 10 minutes

By Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport Shuttle Bus Route

Taking the Beijing airport bus is the cheapest way to get to the downtown Beijing from Beijing Capital Airport or vice versa. Passengers in urban area can enjoy round trips between BCIA and Xidan / Beijing Railway Station / Gongzhufen/ Fangzhuang / Zhongguancun / Wangjing / Beijing West Railway Station / Shangdi / etc conveniently by taking airport shuttle. Passengers in cities around Beijing can enjoy round trips between BCIA and Qinhuangdao/ Beidaihe/ etc.

Prices vary based on your final destination, including rates of RMB 20, RMB 25, and RMB 30. Please see the bus ticket sales kiosk for specific pricing. If you are going to use the airport bus for your airport transfer, you are kindly advised to know Beijing airport bus routes and fares before you decide to take it.

So it is convenient only if you do not have much luggage or already know where the buses are going to drop you off.

►Ticket Office of Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus from BCIA
Terminal 1: Gate No. 7 (inside) on F1
Terminal 2: Gate No. 11 (outside) on F1
Terminal 3: Gate No.7 or No.9 (Outside) on F1 

Service Number

Local airport buses : 0086-10-64573891 / 64594376 / 64594375

Airport coaches : 0086-10-64558718

Night Shuttle Bus

Route: Capital Airport → Beijing Downtown (one-way)

Price: RMB 50/person

Operation time: 21:00 pm – 04:00 am (depart at any time for more than 6 people, without stopping at T1)

By Taxi

Taxis may be a flexible way for your transfer to get to Beijing downtown from Beijing airport. But the cost of it much higher than taking the Beijing Airport Shuttle Bus or Airport Express Train.

Capital Airport provides taxi stops at the airport, so you can take a taxi to or from the airport.
►Terminal 1: Outside Gate 1 on F1
►Terminal 2: Outside Gate 5 to 9 on F1
►Terminal 3: Please refer to the signs inside the terminal building

Charge Standard:

►The minimum charge is RMB 13 covering the first 3km. The rest will be charged at RMB 2.3/km.

►Additional 50% of the total fee will be charged as an allowance for the return trip if the single trip has exceeded 15km.

►From 23:00 (including 23:00 sharp) to 5:00 of the next day (excluding 5:00 sharp), the surcharge for each kilometer is 20% of the rent.

(The above information is only for your reference.)

By Car Rental

One can also rent a private car with a tour guide and a driver from a local travel agency to take you get to Beijing downtown from Beijing airport. It is recommended to book in advance, so that you can get on the car right after you get out of the exit of the airport. Car rental is a flexible and comfortable way. It is suitable for those who have a few people in their group and have much luggage.

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