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How to Get to Bashang Grassland in Mulan Paddock from Beijing

Travel fromBeijing to Mulan Paddock

Bashang Grasslands in Mulan Paddockalso known as Aaihanba Forest Park(塞罕坝森林公园), which is the nearest prairie destination from Beijing. It has a typical temperate monsoon climate characterized by cool and mild summer and long winter. The best time to travel to Bashang Grassland is from June to October. It is the first choice for tourism, leisure and summer vacation in northern China.

Generally, the Bashang Grasslands include four parts: Fengning Bashang, Zhangbei Bashang, Weichang Bashang and Guyuan Bashang. The four parts are located in four different counties of Hebei Province. The landscape in the Mulan Weichang (木兰围场), which locates at 450 kilometers northeast to Beijing, is the most beautiful.

Your final destination and photographic base in Bashang Grassland shall be either Hongshan Junmachang (红山军马场) or Jixie Linchang (机械林场). There is a couple of ways for you to get there from Beijing. 

By Coach(Highly Recommend)

Direct Coach (Beijing→Jixie Forest Farm)

There is only one direct coach leaving for Mulan Paddock Area every day., which take you directly to the scenic area. It departs from Beijing Liuliqiao Long-distance Bus Station (六里桥客运站) or Sanyuanqiao Bus Station(三元桥客运站) and will arrive at Yudaokou or Sihanba scenic spot, which is in Bashang Grassland in Mulan Paddock. The departure time is at 9:00 am every day and arrive at 5:00 pm. It takes about 7 hours to get to the destination and the ticket fare is about 100 RMB.

Transfer Coach (Beijing-Weichang-Jixie Forest Farm)

If you miss the direct coach, you can also go there by transferring. One can take the coach to Weichang first and then go to Jixie Forest Farm. The coach departs from Liuliqiao(六里桥客运站), Sanyuanqiao(三元桥客运站) or Sihui Bus Station(四惠客运站) in Beijing and you should get off at Weichang East Bus Station. Then you need to take a taxi to get to Mulan Weichang North Bus Station, where you can transfer to a bus to get to Bashang Grassland in Mulan Paddock. Or you can rent a car to upon your arrival in Weichang. 

By Train

There are 3 trains traveling between Beijing and Shiheyong Town. One can also catch a train at Beijing North Railway Station, getting off at the Siheyong Station(四合永) that is situated within the Mulan Paddock. It takes about 6 to 7 hours for the journey. Below is timetable for your reference:

Train Code Departs Arrives Duration

Soft Sleeper 

Hard Sleeper  Hard Seats

Changping North




7h14m 130.5 RMB 84.5 RMB 38.5 RMB





6h18m 146.5 RMB 96.5 RMB 50.5 RMB

Beijing East




7h9m 152.5 RMB 99.5 RMB 53.5 RMB

From Siheyong you need to take a bus to Weichang (about a twenty minute drive). Once arrive in Weichang, you need to further take either a public bus or a taxi to Hongshan Junmachang, which is roughly two-hour drive. It might be a good idea to book a taxi from Siheyong or Weichang to Hongshan Junmachang in advance.  

Tips for Bashang Grassland Tour

Opening Hours: 08:00am~5:30pm

Ticket Fare: 150 RMB

As the landscape is splendid throughout the year, the paddock has always been a creative place for photography lovers. The Bashang Grassland is extremely spacious and you would better rent a car (Beijing Jeep) or rent a horse in Hongshan Junmachang to conduct your photographic work in the area

Best time to visit: summer (June to September) is the best time to travel to the glassland. End of May and early June is the best time to photograph spring colors. In the end of June and early July cole flowers bloom and it is the ideal time to photograph endless fields of green and yellow. End of September is the best time to shoot pictures of autumn scenery.