Festivals in Badaling Great Wall

There are a variety of festivals that are held in Badaling Great Wall to attract visitors, as well as to carry forward of culture of China Great Wall. This page will introduce some famous festival held in Badaling Great Wall for your reference, so that you can find more fun while traveling to this place.

Badaling Great Wall

Great Wall Red Leaves Festival

Great Wall Red Leaves Festival Great Wall Red Leaves Festival is held in October and November every year, because during this period of time, most of leaves of the tree along the Great Wall turns red, which forms the most beautiful picture together with the great wall and looks amazing and charming. The grey Great Wall relates shows the everlasting dignity of history of China, while the sea of red leaves present the dynamics of life. The combination of blue sky, white clouds, red leaves and the Great Wall forms a fascinating scene and allows you to return to nature. It would be a great experience after you see the beautiful red leaves. The best site to see the red leaves is on the west side of No.2 South Tower, No.1 South Tower, southern cableway, No.4 North Tower, No.10 North Tower and the top roof of Badaling Hotel.

Dragon Dance at Great Wall

Intangible cultural heritage is held to carry forward Intangible cultural heritage of China. It is a large-scale themed activity to show the traditional culture of China. People from home and abroad gathered at Badaling Great Wall to perform a dragon dance of 3,048 meters. The dragons dance with the music on the great wall. Covered with red scales, the giant dragon bestrode 12 watchtowers in 3 kilometers. It weighed 15,400 kilograms with 500 sections of dragon bones, 1,523 dragon holds, and countless beards and scales. It would very fun to see this if you are interested in Chinese culture. This activity is firstly held in June, 2011.

Summer Resort Festival

Summer Resort Festival is held in June to September every year. During this period of time, people can spend the summer in a leisurely and cool way in the scenic area. In addition, after the night lights of the Great Wall are open, the Blue, yellow and green lamps will make the wall look quite amazing. And you can also enjoy watching splendid entertainment performances in the scenic area. You will never get bored when darkness falls.

International Mountaineering Festival

International Mountaineering Festival is usually held in winter days. Since it was initiated in 1996, this festival has developed into the largest activity in Beijing and has attracted many domestic and international friends to take part in. It has held 14 sessions of international mountaineering festivals. In addition, people often climb the Great Wall to greet the arrival of the New Year and make best wishes of New Year.

Badaling Great Wall

Great Wall Apricot Festival

Great Wall Apricot Festival is held annually in March and April. During this time, the mountains are covered with green grasses that sprout out of the earth and there are blossoms of apricots, camellia, and all sorts of nameless wild flowers every where, while Badaling is permeated with red flowers. There are many apricot trees in this place, that is why this festival got it name. visitors can enjoy seeing the apricot flowers in the scenic area.

The above festivals are the most known and interesting ones in Badaling Great Wall. If you are interested in them, you must check for the accurate information about the date of the festival first, in case that you miss the festival.