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Famous Teahouses in Beijing

Tea culture is an important part of Chinese culture. And teahouse culture has long enjoyed a good reputation around the world, to get immersed in local Beijing folk culture. In spite of what the name indicates, teahouses are not only the places to savor fine tea, but also a good way to experience the Chinese tradition culture and see how local people enjoy their spare time. Tradtional performances, such as the Beijing Opera, comic dialogue, acrobatics, magic tricks, etc. are usually put on in teahouses. And food and snacks may be served at some teahouses with extra costs. In a word, teahouses are ideal places for leisure, offering tea, snacks and entertainment performances.

Traditional Beijing teahouse is not a tea house for drinking tea, on the contrary, it is often noisy and lively. There is something to do with character of Pekingese. They do not like to be lonely . They love to talk a lot. Teahouses are ideal places for them to have social activities with their friends or neighbors. There are quite a few famous teahouse with long history for tourists to visit.

Laoshe Teahouse 老舍茶馆

• English Address: Bldg. 3, Qianmenxi Main Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100051, China
• Chinese address: 北京西城区前门西大街正阳市场3号楼
• Opening times: 9:00am-9:20pm every day
• Telephone: 010-63036830, 010-63021717
• Transportation: Visitors can take Bus Route No.17, 22, 43 or 826 to Qianmen Station. Alternatively, take Subway Line 2 and get off at Qianmen Station.

In Laoshe Teahouse you can deeply feel the old Beijing traditional culture. Firstly, the decoration of the teahouse is in old Beijing style, with ancient wooden furniture. Secondly, every day you can enjoy a convergence of Peking opera, folk arts, acrobatics, magic, face-changing and other local wonderful performances. One can also taste various types of tea, fine court dessert and traditional Beijing snacks. You will get an opportunity to buy the teas on offer, but the price would be expensive than other places.

Since its opening, Laoshe Teahouse has received nearly 47 foreign heads of state, many celebrities and more than 200 million Chinese and foreign tourists. It has become a display window of unique national culture.
Teahouses in Beijing

Zhang Yiyuan Tea House 张一元天桥茶馆

• Address: No.18, Wanming Lu, Xuanwu District, Beijing
• Tel: 010-63032056

Zhang Yiyuan Teahouse not only offer tea for guests, but also has a few private rooms and a theatre hall, so you can enjoy your tea in private, watch Beijing opera or listen to Chinese comedy. Some claim that they have the best tea in all of Beijing.

Minghui Teahouse 明慧茶院

• English Address: Inside Dajue Temple, Haidian District, Beijing, China
• Chinese address: 北京海淀区苏家坨镇北安河乡大觉寺内
•Opening times: 10:00am-10:00pm every day
• Telephone: 010-82076012
• Transportation: Visitors can take Bus Route 633 or 346 to get there.

Minghui Teahouse is quieter than Laoshe tea house. Once can taste the famous Hangzhou Longjing tea cooked by Hupao water, which are both unique things in Hangzhou. The teahouse is surrounded by spring and old tress. The teahouses here are divided into six private rooms, so guests can be fully relaxed in the comfortable and pleasant environment. The staff are all dressed in traditional clothes of the Qing Dynasty. When savoring a cup of tea, you may feel your troubles have disappeared.

Bi Lu Xuan Teahouse 碧露轩茶艺馆

• Address: 1F Bldg. R, Huiyuan Apartment, Asian Games Village, Chaoyang District, Beijing
• Tel: 010-84977951, 010-84991699

Bi Lu Xuan Teahouse is decorated in Suzhou garden style. With comfortable environment and perfect location, the tea house has become an ideal place for business talks. There are a few private rooms in the teahouse. And the tea master.