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Famous Snack Streets in Beijing

In the Beijing eating culture, a must-eat meal named Beijing Roasted Duck is took as the top selection, others like the imperial cuisine Tan Cuisine and the refreshments will bring you the feeling of being imperial officers in China. Except for these featured food in these city, there are other tasty snacks that are worthy taking a taste, for most of them are from different parts of the country. In this page, TopChinaTravel will give you some tips about famous snack streets in Beijing.

Guijie Street

This snack street is located inside Dongzhimen Street. Most of the food stalls here are open for 24 hours. It is very bustling every day, especially after 22:00 at night in summer. Most of people coming here are the young. And the excellent food in the street includes Hot and Spicy Crayfish, chafing dish, hotpot, etc. You should really come here to have a try of the local snack if you get a chance to Bejing.
Famous Snack Streets in Beijing

Longfu Temple Snack Street

It is an old-brand snack street in Beijing. It was developed from Longfu Temple Fair. The food stalls in the street are only open before 20:00. After 20:00, it is nearly deserted. So if you want to hang on this street, you’d better go there before that time. You can eat the food while walking, while looks more leisured. This street is only about 100 meters.

Visitors can take Buses No.101, 111, 112, 106, 116, etc. or Metro Line No.5 to get there.

Huguoshi Street Snack Street

Huguoshi Street Snack Street is no more than 500 meters. It is the most famous one in the city, for it has a perfect location. The famous snacks here include food from Xian, Wuhan, etc. as well as Moslem snacks.

Visitors can take Buses No.22, 38, 47, 409, 626, 690, 55, 810, 808, etc. to get to the street. 

Wangfujing Snack Street

For its perfect location of the street, the price of the things here are more expensive than other places. The snacks here come from different parts of China, so you can taste most famous snacks only in this city. There are more than 100 stalls and shops along the street. They are specialized in business in snacks, souvenirs, folk arts, etc. The business area covers an area of more than 2,000 square meters. Wangfujing snack street can be kind of on behalf of the local eating habits. Except for the snack, the locally-featured buildings at the both side of the street is quite unique. The decorative style will bring you to the past. The operation hours of stalls and shops in Wangfujing is around 10:00 - 22:00.

The most convenient and econimy way to get there is by subway. You may take Subway Line 1 to Wangfujing Station, then walk to the street.