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Beijing to Shanghai, by Train or Plane?

For who is the first time to visit China or who is unfamiliar with China, you may be confused on traveling from Beijing to Shanghai. You may try to decide whether to book a domestic flight or take a train. How can you know which way is better? Should you choose train or plane to get to Shanghai? In the following article, some compared info about the advantages and disadvantages of domestic flight and train will be introduced to you. We sincerely hope it will be helpful to your Beijing-Shanghai tour planning.
Beijing to Shanghai
Firstly, travel hours. The distance by air between Beijing and Shanghai is 1,084 kilometers (about 674 miles). Taking a high-speed train from Beijing to Shanghai usually takes about 5 to 6 hours, while flight only takes about 2 hours, less than half of time of taking the train. So taking the flight can save much more time. In addition, sometime, planes would delay (smog, weather, air traffic control backup, you name it...).

Note: Beijing-Shanghai airline is considered to be one of the busiest domestic air routes in China. Although there are many flights available for round trips, passengers are suggested to book in advance. In addition, passengers are expected to arrive at the airport at least 1 hour in advance for check-in.

Beijing-Shanghai high speed train

Secondly, price. the price for trains is fixed, while for flights it fluctuates almost hourly based on supply and demand. And the price for trains is much cheaper than that of flights. If you have a limited budget, you’d better take the trains for your tour. Besides, you have more room on the train and can move around freely and use electronic devices, etc. Just have a decent meal beforehand and take some snacks/water with you, as bullet train food is not so good

Thirdly, safety. train is safer and it runs smoother than flight. For flight flies in the sky, some people may think it is a little unsafe. And the flying of it is usually influenced by the weather, so it may be jolty some time. But train runs along the railway with much less jolt. You can have a lot more room for legs. And you can also walk and plug your laptop.

By trains or plane, it is just a matter of travel style and it is all a matter of personal preference. If you do not mind the long travel time and want to save cost, taking a high-speed train is highly recommended.

If you want to save travel time and can afford the high price, you can travel by air.

Hope the above info can help you to choose whether you should go to Shanghai from Beijing by train or plane.