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Photography Tips for Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land is about 250 kilometers away from Kunming city, with an altitude of 1,800–2,600 meters. It is the largest and most magnificent red land in China. The high content of iron and aluminum in the soil causes the dazzling colors. Dongchuan Red Land is a paradise for photographers who like nature, sunrise and sunset photography.

The best time to visit Dongchuan Red Land is from May to June, September to November. The scenery varies in different seasons. During May and June, photographers can snap the beautiful pictures of the red fields, blooming potato flowers and golden yellow wheat fields.

During September and November, part of the red land is cultivated and ready to be planted; in the other part of the red land, green barley and wheat have been planted. Some fields are full of white cole flowers. Unlike the common golden yellow cole flowers, the white cole flowers in Dongchuan are white, which are very unique. Don't worry about your tour, the following photography tips for Dongchuan Red Land will be helpful for you.

Photography Tips for Dongchuan Red Land
Dongchuan Red Land


Best Place to Photograph the Sunrise

Due to its topographical advantage, Damakan Village (Hit Horse Hole Village) is the best place in Dongchuan Red Land to photograph the sunrise. In the morning, the village surrounded by red soil is smoky, and the poplars around the village are shining under the oblique shooting of the sunrise, you will see the picturesque rural scenery. In order to get the best position to catch the amazing sunrise photos, we would recommend you to start earlier from your hotel and arrive at Damakan around 5:00 am.

Photography Tips for Dongchuan Red Land
Dongchuan Red Land


Best Places to Photograph the Sunset

Compared with the sunrise photography places, there are more options to photograph the sunset in Dongchuan: Luoxiagou (Sunset Valley), Jinxiuyuan (Embroidery Garden), Yuepuao (Music Hollow) and Wafang Liangzi (Tiled House Bridge)

Luoxiagou (Sunset Valley)

Luoxiagou (Sunset Valley) is a low-lying land collapsed in the middle of the winding mountains. It is said to be one of the most beautiful red lands. As you can see from its name, Sunset Valley is the ideal place to watch the sunset. The sunset time is between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm and may differ in different seasons. It is recommended to select a high position and shoot the scenery with smooth light.

Photography Tips for Dongchuan Red Land

Jinxiuyuan (Embroidery Garden)

Jinxiuyuan (Embroidery Garden) is called the Boutique Embroidery on the land. It is a good location to shoot the panorama view of the sunset together with the winding hills, vast red fields and traditional villages. Another site near Jinxiuyuan is called Qicaipo (Seven- Colors Slope), where there are seven fields with seven colors. But only you come there at the right time, could you see seven colors.

Yuepuao (Music Hollow)

Yuepuao (Music Hollow) is a small hill, located near the Huashitou (Flower Stone) village. It is mainly suitable for partial photography. The undulating fields and ridge furrows create a colorful stave.

Wafang Liangzi (Tiled House Bridge)

With higher elevation, Wafang Liangzi (Tiled House Bridge) is the best place to see Yuepuao (Music Hollow), Luosiwan (River Snail Bay) and shoot the sunset with Dongchuan's red fields.

Luosiwan (River Snail Bay) is named after its winding road, which is the only road up to the mountain. It suits for partial photography during the sunset.


Photography Tips for Dongchuan Red Land

How to Get There

  • Public Bus

Visitors can take the buses from Kunming to Fazhe in Kunming North Bus Station and get off at Dongchuan Red Land. It will take you 3-4 hours on the bus.

  • Top China Travel Arrangement

Top China Travel offers Dongchuan Red Land photography tour for our guests. You can either book a package photography tour with us or rent a car. Our guides are professional, they know better where and when to shoot the most stunning pictures.


If you are planning to do a photography tour in Dongchuan Red Land, we would recommend you to book hotels online in advance. Hotels are mainly located at Luosiwan (River Snail Bay), Huashitou (Flower Stone Village) and Luoxiagou (Sunset Valley). Huashitou (Flower Stone Village) is in the center of the main attractions. It is recommended to stay overnight at Huashitou (Flower Stone Village).

Clothes/ Dressing Advice

The elevation of Dongchuan Red Land is from 1800 meters to 2600 meters. Temperature is low in the early morning and later afternoon. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a jacket to keep warm when you go to the point to photograph the sunrise or sunset.


How to Plan a Photography Tour to Dongchuan Red Land

After reading the above photography tips for Dongchuan Red Land, you can start to plan your trip. Decide your travel date, travel length, and make a packing list for your tour ahead of time. You can also join our Dongchuan tour if you're tired of the planning.

Photography Tips for Dongchuan Red Land
Dongchuan Red Land


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