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Photography Tips for Apricot Flowers in Xinjiang

People's impression of apricot flowers is always associated with the spring rain and the southeast regions in China. Actually, this is a historical misunderstanding. The poetry about apricot flowers left by the literati is so beautiful, which has become the household words and has been passed down through the ages. In fact, as the province with the largest cultivation area of apricot trees in China, the large scale of apricot flowers has become a new symbol of Xinjiang. Nowadays, the apricot flower photography tour has been becoming a great potential branch.


Why to Appreciate the Apricot Flower in Xinjiang?

Apricot trees are characterized by drought tolerance, cold resistance, light appreciation, and they do not like humidity and high temperature. Therefore, the dry area in the northwest of China provides a more comfortable survival environment for the apricot trees than the south-eastern China comparatively. The output of the dried apricot slices, almonds and apricot flowers ranks the first place in China.

In every early spring, more than 5000 acres of wild apricot trees that have lived from the Middle Ages till now are open, demonstrating the magnificent and gorgeous color to Xinjiang's spring.


Where to See the Apricot Flower in Xinjiang?

Apricot trees are widely distributed in Xinjiang, including the oases around the southern Taklimakan Desert, Turpan Basin, Hami Basin and Iri River Valley. It is said that you can see apricot flowers everywhere in Xinjiang when you come here in spring.

In Xinjiang, there are three main areas where you could appreciate the flower scenery.

Toksun County in Turpan

Toksun County locates in Turpan, which is 190km & 3 hours driving from Urumqi and 50km & 1 hour driving from Turpan. Comparing to other places, Toksun County is relatively easy to pay a visit. The Tourist Administration would hold the Apricot Festival every year when the flowers blossom. It takes only one day trip to see the apricot flowers in Toksun, so it is very popular for the local people and the visitors who visit to Urumqi due to its convenience.

Villages on Pamir Plateau

Even though the villages on Pamir Plateau are very remote and hard to reach, it still attracts the travelers and photographers with its incomparable beauty. Driving along the Yerqiang River, the villages covered by the apricot flowers jump to your eyes suddenly after a sharp turn. The village is closed to Kashgar, so the flower tour to Pamir Plateau is usually recommended to begin from Kashgar. Traveling from Kashgar, you will not only see the apricot flowers but also astonish for the magnificent view of Snow Mountains, Plateau Lakes and Canyons.

Villages in Iri River Valley

Iri Valley locates several places, such as Turgen, Daxigou, Kurdening Scenic Area, and all of them are famous for the apricot flowers. Because of the special landform and climate of Iri Valley, it is known as the oasis in the desert. This character gives it the diversity comparing to the other two places. In spring, you would not only see the apricots, but would also see other flowers, such as cherry, plum, and apple, etc. Different flowers take turns to be the protagonist in the stage of spring.


When to See the Apricot Flower in Xinjiang?

Due to the difference in altitude and climate, the flower season varies from place to place. In general, the higher altitude and the lower temperature, the later flower season, so the flowers in the valley and the foothill will be the first to open. What needs to be mentioned is that the blossom period is very short and only about 7-10 days. The exact time for blossom varies from year to year, so it is necessary to keep your focus on the weather forecast.

Toksun County in Turpan

In Xinjiang, Turpan is the first place to welcome spring. Around the mid-March every year, apricot flower here takes the lead in blossom.

Villages in Pamir Plateau

By late March, there are the paradise-like villages covered by the aprotic flowers. Looking from afar, it seems to be the pink clouds floating above the valley.

Villages in Iri River Valley

In early April, the apricot flower begin to bloom in the villages of Iri River Valley.


Recommended Photography Tours

Hope this article could guide you well into Xinjiang, where apricot flowers are bursting into full bloom in early spring, and to reconstruct your impression of apricot flowers in China. Our travel consultants are pleased to answer you if you preferred to have more detailed information and help you plan a trip. Here are the recommended tours if you were interested in taking a photography tour to Iri. If you would have other specific requests, you are free to ask for our travel consultant's help to have a tailor-made tour.

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