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Top Water Parks in China

Where can you have a cool moment during hot summer? We guess water parks must be the best place to get rid of the hot weather in summer. If you are travelling to China with your kids for summer vacation, there is no other place than a water park to make your kids happy during summer time.

Even though you can find a water park in every city you visit, some are world famous while some are just normal. Which water park is better for your family? Here we’ve carefully selected some top water parks in China, which are highly recommended by tourists in China and also from the world. Just pick one and have fun there.


1.Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park

Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park is the most popular water park in China and one of the world’s must-go water parks, with the largest number of visitors in the whole world. There are all varieties of advanced facilities and numbers of amazing rides for you to have fun, some of the rides have even won international awards, and the Super Wave Pool inside Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park is the biggest wave-making pool in the world.

Besides, you can find lots of kids-friendly slides in the Baby Water Town, which are really suitable for families with kids. The best time to go to Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park will be March to June, it’s convenient to get there by metro. You can also visit other Chimelong parks if you have a flexible schedule.

Top water parks in China
Guangzhou Chimelong Water Park


2.Beijing Water Cube Water Park

We bet you must know Beijing Water Cube because of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. But what you might not know is the progressive water park inside the Water Cube, which is a creative project well combines the water elements with the designable features of the Water Cube. Moreover, Beijing Water Cube Water Park is the largest indoor water park in China and also in Asia, with 10 main water programs and more than 20 kinds of slides.

This indoor water park is a perfect choice for families with kids, because you can visit anytime you want to, due to the intelligent temperature control system inside the water park, regardless of seasons and weather conditions.

Top water parks in China
Beijing Water Cube


3.Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park

Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park, located at the southwest part of Shanghai Happy Valley covering an area of 128,000square meters, is the largest outdoor water park in eastern China. With more than 30 kinds of water facilities in the park, Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park concerns on different needs from all the ages, as the main goals of the park are to offer you thrilling experience and let families have fun with kids.

You can also try plenty of family-friendly rides with your kids in the water world for children, it’s really a great chance to cool off in summer during your family tour in Shanghai. Water in the park will be purified and sterilized every 4 to 6 hours, so that you could enjoy a refreshing time with no worries.



4. Nanjing Happy Magic Water Cube

Nanjing Happy Magic Water Cube might not be your first choice when you choose attractions to visit in Nanjing, but you won’t regret paying a visit during summer. Consists of 6 main theme areas, this park has world-class facilities with wonderful designs. The highlights of Nanjing Happy Magic Water Cube may give you a great experience, you can try the exciting water roller coaster, enjoy your time on the real beach inside the park, go drifting along the river. Besides, magical slides and rides customized for children will let kids get great satisfaction in the park.


5. Shenzhen Happy Valley Maya Water Park

With a mysterious theme of Mayan culture, Shenzhen Happy Valley Maya Water Park attracts a lot of people from inland and abroad to explore. As one of the top water parks in China, what you can experience here will be an amazing memory in China, the most thrilling water jumping machine, the most popular wakeboarding, and the fastest rainbow track, Shenzhen Happy Valley Maya Water Park provide all the best water activities for you.

Except for regular water facilities, the fantasy drifting for families is a perfect choice for you if you visit with your kids, it is the first drifting program of this kind in China. Moreover, there are all kinds of food you can try here, you can also choose a comfortable hotel nearby if you like.


Tips for Going to Water Park

  • Prepare swimsuits, towels, and bathroom goods you need.
  • Bring waterproof sunscreen.
  • Take some water toys if you go with your kids.
  • Check the weather before you go, rainy day is not suitable for visiting water park.
  • Get ready for a waterproof bag for your cellphone.
  • Always keep an eye on your kids for safety.
  • Food and drink are not allowed to take into the water park.


Have Fun with Top China Travel

A good water park is the best place to go with kids in Summer. It’s no doubt that you are not going to visit all the top water parks in China during your family trip. You can choose according to cities you want to visit with your kids. Top family destinations in China are Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

You can also tell us your favorite water park or other requirements, and we will tailor-make the most suitable tour for your family. Know about our China Family Tours.


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