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Top 6 Things to Do in Harbin

Harbin is a city of ice and snow, where you could appreciate extraordinary winter sceneries and experience various of winter activities. Every year from December to February, Harbin will be the most popular destination among tourists, for the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival and also skiing. What to do in Harbin? Actually, what you can do in Harbin are not just watching the sculptures and skiing. Top 6 things to do in Harbin listed below may help you easily find out the best activities you can join in Harbin.


1.Experience Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

As one of the top 4 ice & snow festivals in the world, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival enjoys a great fame in China and also around the world. It’s also the most important reason why tourists choose Harbin as their destination in winter, and kids will definitely love this world of ice and snow.

Harbin Ice and Snow World can be your first choice to watch all kinds of fascinating ice and snow sculptures. If you want to explore more, you can also go to Zhaolin Park for the magic world full of ice lanterns, or visit Sun Island Park for the large snow sculptures.

Harbin Ice and Snow World
Harbin Ice and Snow World


2.Go Skiing at the Yabuli Ski Resort

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when mentioning winter activity? We guess skiing is on your list. Among so many ski resorts in Harbin, Yabuli Ski Resort can be your first choice. Yabuli Ski Resort is the best and also the largest ski resort in China, with the longest alpine ski track in Asia. For families with kids, you can take your kids here with no worries, because the skiing area for children is well-designed with completed facilities.

Yabuli Ski Resort
Yabuli Ski Resort


3.Explore Saint Sophia Cathedral

Built in 1907, Saint Sophia Cathedral has become one representative landmark of Harbin. With the architectural style of Russian features, exploring Saint Sophia Cathedral is like you are in Russia. As the best-preserved Byzantine architecture in China, Saint Sophia Cathedral, with the green onion shape dome, distinctive walls of red bricks and the bell tower, kindly presents the delicate building art and long history of Harbin to all the people. Pay a visit to Saint Sophia Cathedral if you don’t know what to do in Harbin, it’s totally worthy.

Saint Sophia Cathedral
Saint Sophia Cathedral


4.Wander around Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street, or Central Street, is the most prosperous commercial street in Harbin. You can find hundreds of featured shops and restaurants along the street, some products are even from Russia, France and some other countries. This is really a wonderful place for shopping and eating.

Zhongyang Pedestrian Street
Zhongyang Pedestrian Street

Influenced by Russian and European, architectures around Zhongyang Pedestrian Street are of Russian or western style, with Baroque and Renaissance characteristics. Wandering around this outdoor gallery of architectural art will be an unforgettable memory during your Harbin tour.



5.Walk on the Frozen Songhua River

Walking on the frozen Songhua River can also be one of the top things to do in Harbin. You might know the best way for touring a river is cruising, but here in Harbin, you can walk and even skate on Songhua River, what an exciting experience. For those who want to take a challenge, winter swimming can be a good choice for you. The best time for visiting is from December to the next February.

Songhua River
Songhua River


6.Try Delicious Harbin Food

As you’re in Harbin, you really should try northeastern cuisine here. Recommended food are Harbin dumplings, red sausage, and Guobaorou, which is a kind of fried pork. Barbecue should be on your bucket list during your trip in Harbin. Besides, you can also try some Russian food if you are interested.

Harbin food
Harbin Red Sausage


Enjoy the Best of Harbin with Top China Travel

The best time to visit Harbin is in winter. If you are looking for an ideal destination to spend your winter vacation, Harbin may meet all your expectations for winter sceneries and activities. See our tours below to easily plan your Harbin tour.


  • 5 Days Harbin & China Snow Town Tour: China Snow Town (including Yangcaoshan Hill & Xueyun Avenue), Old Central Street, St. Sofia Church, Stalin Park, Sun Island, Siberia Tiger Park, Harbin Ice and Snow World

For families with kids, you can also know some of our China Family Tours so that you can connect your family tour in Harbin with other popular cities. Or you can just tell us your requirements and we will customize the best Harbin tour for you.


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