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Things to Do in Guilin with Kids

Want to create a distinctive family tour in China? Just take your kids to Guilin. Countless fun things to do in Guilin with kids will give both you and your kids wonderful experiences during your family vacation in China, no matter for the marvelous natural views or charming culture. Read on to know what to do in Guilin with kids.


1.Take a Cruise along Li River

With a total length of about 164 kilometers, Li River is the soul of a Guilin tour, especially the most extraordinary 83 kilometers from Guilin to Yangshuo. The fantastic combination of rolling karst hills and aqua green river water will deeply impress both children and adults. Taking a cruise along Li River can be one of the top things to do in Guilin with kids, none of our customers would ever miss the breathtaking karst sceneries along the way.

Li River
Li River


2.Wandering in Parks of Guilin with Your Family

Parks will always be the best place to get close to the local life, no matter which city you travel to. Meanwhile, parks can also be a great choice for your family to enjoy a leisure time together in the green space. Among so many parks in Guilin, we highly recommend you to visit Elephant Trunk Hill because it’s the most representative landmark of Guilin. You can also take your kids to Seven Star Park, which is the largest comprehensive park in Guilin.

Elephant Trunk Hill
Elephant Trunk Hill


3.Have a Discovery Trip of Karst Caves with Your Kids

A family tour in Guilin won’t be completed if you miss mysterious karst caves. The incalculable stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, curtains and flowers in fantastic shapes create an incredible world under the lights. Reed Flute Cave, with the high reputation among all the caves in Guilin, can be your first choice.

Other caves like Crown Cave, Silver Cave and Chuanshan Cave are also worth visiting if your kids want to explore more karst caves in Guilin. Having a discovery trip of karst caves will be one of the most impressive things to do in Guilin with kids.

Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave


4.Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River

It’s an incomplete family tour in Guilin without cruising on Li River, while it’s an imperfect family tour in Yangshuo without experiencing bamboo rafting on Yulong River. Wondering in the picturesque sceneries of mountain and water with ancient bridges and vintage villages along Yulong River is like travelling in the most poetic painting.

Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River
Bamboo Rafting along Yulong River


5.Join a Chinese Cooking Class with Your Kids

Except for tasting local dishes in Guilin, joining a cooking class with your kids will make your family tour in Guilin more interesting. You can go to the local market with the chef and pick ingredients together. It’s a good chance to know the real local life in Guilin, meanwhile, your kids will be really curious about how the local market looks like. A culinary tour with your family is really meaningful.


6.Buy Something Special for Your Kids around West Street

Kids all love gifts so much, buying some souvenirs from each city you are travelling can make your kids feel so joyful. Go to West Street, you can find all kids of souvenirs, such as ethnic handicrafts and clothes. Don’t worry about the language, local people can speak some English, because West Street is well-known as “Global Village” in Yangshuo. There are lots of featured cafes and restaurants along the street as well, you can enjoy a great time with your kids there.

West Street
West Street


7.Enjoy the Beautiful Sceneries of Longji Terraces

Visiting Longji Terraces in Longsheng county will definitely be one of the top things to do in Guilin, which will also be a wonderful experience for families with kids. Longji Terraces provide different but beautiful sceneries for the four seasons, like a soaring dragon from afar with terraces as its flakes, silver in spring, green in summer and golden in autumn.

Zhuang and Yao ethnic culture in Longsheng is another attractive feature for your family to pay a visit. Since it takes around 2 hours on the road, you may decide whether to go or not according to your condition.

 Longji Terraces
 Longji Terraces


8.Try Kinds of Cultural Activities in Guilin

It’s a good thing that your kids enjoy the beautiful views and delicious food during the trip, but more cultural experiences may give your kids the most impressive memory for a lifetime. Top China Travel could arrange varieties of cultural activities for your family, you can choose classes for Chinese painting and calligraphy, or you can learn Tai Chi with local people. By the way, experiencing Li River Pebble Art has become a popular thing to do among tourists in these days, your own drawing of Li River on the pebble will be the best gift.


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9. Go Cycling with Your Children around Countryside of Yangshuo

Go cycling around the countryside in Yangshuo, enjoy the fresh air and explore fabulous sceneries along your way, what a significant memory during a family tour in Guilin. For families with younger kids, you can rent a tandem so that you don’t have to worry too much, just enjoy your time with your kids along tranquil paths among rice paddies and local architectures. It will be one of the best things to do in Guilin with your kids.

Go Cycling around Countryside of Yangshuo
Go Cycling around Countryside of Yangshuo


Enjoy Your Amazing Family Tour in Guilin

You may see karst caves, mountain and water sceneries in different places of China. But the whole picture of Guilin may give you the best shot from the nature. See tours below to easily plan your family tour in Guilin with your Kids.



Read more  Guilin Tours and China Family Tours. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts. You can also customize your unique Guilin family tour at Free Online Tailor-made Tour, we are happy to help you create the most unforgettable family tour in Guilin with your kids.


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