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Best Things to Do in Xi’an with Kids

Looking for a really suitable destination to have a cultural tour in China? Xi’an can be a perfect choice for your family. As the ancient capital of China for more than a thousand years, Xi’an is never lack of historical sites and cultural activities for your family to explore, no matter what ages your children are. All sorts of best things to do in Xi’an with kids can give your family a wonderful experience in China. For more inspirations, please read on to easily plan your Xi’an family tour.


1.Visit Terracotta Warriors

Find regular museums too ordinary for a visit? Go to Terracotta Warriors, you may know a totally different aspect of historical museums. As one of the Eight Wonders of the World, Terracotta Warriors, with the grand scale and delicate art work, will give both you and your kids deep impression, for you could see the whole terracotta army with thousands of warriors, horses and chariots here. Visiting Terracotta Warriors is no doubt to be one of the best things to do in Xi’an with kids.

Terracotta Warriors
Terracotta Warriors


2.Go Cycling on Xi’an City Wall

Too much walking may end up with a tiring and exhausting family tour, especially for families with kids. Go cycling on Xi’an City Wall with your kids can be an enjoyable and fun thing to do in Xi’an, it is also the best way for visiting the ancient city wall. With a height of about 12 meters, scenery on the City Wall is amazing too.

You don’t have to worry if your kids are too young to ride on bikes on their own, because there are some bikes suitable for children, and tandems and electric cars are available to take on the city wall. The total length of Xi’an City Wall is about 14 kilometers, you can stop and relax whenever you want to. Furthermore, you may watch people play Tai Chi in the morning, you kids will definitely love this experience.

Xi'an City Wall
Xi'an City Wall


3.Enjoy the Music Fountain Show at Night

Have no idea about best things to do in Xi’an at night? You may find a good answer at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Plaza. Being the largest fountain square in Asia, what you can experience here are fantastic moments while the colorful lights and laser beams are changing according to the music.

Except for the music fountain, Big Wild Goose Pagoda North Plaza owns the largest scale of sculptures in Asia, it’s a great chance to take a walk and appreciate kinds of characteristic sculptures with your kids.


4.Seek for Food and Souvenirs along Muslim Street

Featured food is what you can’t miss during your family tour in Xi’an. Muslim Street, one of the most famous food streets in Xi’an, will be an ideal place for you to seek for some delicious food, as well as distinctive souvenirs for your family or your friends. Remember to keep your eyes on your kids while walking along the street, since there are always a lot of people there seeking for the best local snacks, drinks and gifts just as you do, especially at night.

Muslim Street
Muslim Street


5.Take Lessons for Chinese Calligraphy, Painting or Paper-cutting

If you find it too tired for having outdoor activities each day, you can consider spending some time for traditional Chinese culture by joining some kids-friendly activities, such as Chinese Calligraphy, Painting or Paper-cutting. Tang Bo Art Museum will be a good place for your family to have a wonderful cultural experience in Xi’an. Just tell us what you and your kids are interested in, and we will arrange the most suitable cultural activity for your family.

Learn Chinese Calligraphy
Learn Chinese Calligraphy


6.Make Dumplings with Your Kids

Xi’an is a wonderful place to have a dumpling banquet with your kids. Want to get more closely to the locals? Here in Xi’an, you can take your kids to visit a local family and learn to make dumplings by yourselves. The whole procedure of making dumplings can be really meaningful and fun for your family, besides, you may find the dumplings more delicious after your hard work.

Make Dumplings
Make Dumplings


7.Watch Interesting Shadow Play

Shadow Play, or Leather-Silhouette Show, is a featured folk art which is popular in Guanzhong Area of China from ancient times until now. The delicate carving skills of the vivid figures, high quality performances and distinctive music and singing will give you a special experience of traditional Chinese art. Watching a Shadow Play Show with your kids will be one of the best things to do in Xi’an for your family.

Shadow Play
Shadow Play


8.Learn to Make Mini Clay Terracotta Warrior

Pictures and videos help you better remember the grand view of Terracotta Army. But why don’t you take your own Terracotta Warrior back home. A visit to the Terracotta Warriors is not quite enough, making mini clay Terracotta Warrior with your kids will add more unique and unforgettable memories to your Xi’an family tour. You can easily find some work shops around the museum that you can experience the whole procedure of making mini Terracotta Warrior.


9.Challenge Mount. Huashan If Possible

As the most dangerous mountain among the five greatest mountains in China, Mount Huashan is totally worth a visit when you have a family tour in Xi’an. Meanwhile, it’s really a challenge for families with kids because of the breath-taking crags and steep paths of Mount Huashan. Older kids may be brave enough to take the challenge, especially teenagers, they will love the majestic views on the mountain so much. Cable cars are available to take, so that you don’t have to worry about your kids.

Mount Huashan
Mount Huashan


Create the Best Xi’an Family Tour

Xi’an is a perfect place for you and your kids to learn Chinese history and culture. And with so many best things to do with your kids, a family tour in Xi’an can be fun and educational. View Xi’an tours below to easily start your Xi’an family tour plan.


Not satisfied with these tours? You can read more Xi’an Tours or China Family Tours. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions for your Xi’an family tour plan, we are happy to help you customize an ideal family tour in Xi’an.


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