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Travel Tips for the First Trip to China

To most travelers before, China is a vast and mysterious country. As it is more and more open to the world, may people in other countries can see the news and programs about China in their own country. China becomes more interesting and attractive destinations for many foreigners. We are going to tell your some travel tips for your first China tour in this article.

Beijing City View

Travel Tips for China tour I: How to Break the Language Barrie

For a foreign traveler who visits China for the 1st time, language barriers should be the number one hurdle which needs to overcome. Many foreigners are afraid to travel in a country where people speak totally different language.  Chinese is not in the same language system to English. As the country opening to the world, Chinese government even includes English-learning as an obligatory course for middle school. More and more people realize the importance of English. Therefore, many people begin English-learning from primary schools in China, especially the generations after the 80s and 90s in urban area. Therefore, if you have any difficulty when traveling in urban area of China, you could find them for help with slow, clear and simple English.

Most older people or people is remote or mountainous areas can’t understand English. Therefore, it is also necessary to learn some common and simple Chinese sentences or phrases before you leave for China. Then you will find your China trip more interesting than expected. We recommend you learn some Chinese on this site: http://www.chinese-tools.com/learn/chinese.

Top China Travel collects and sorts some useful and practical Chinese phrases and sentences to make you more confident in your China tour. Please read the related article: Greeting in Chinese.

Yangshuo West Street

Travel Tips for China tour II: Focus Your Destination in China

As a vast country in the world with various and numerous historical, cultural sites and natural landscape, it is difficult for a first-timer to clear where to visit when you decide to travel to China. It is impossible to visit all the cities in China. Therefore, we recommend the highlight cities as Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Yangtze River Cruise to a first-timer.

Beijing---It is the capital city of China with many international flights from or to most countries and regions in the world every day. Therefore, it is a wonderful gateway city. Besides, Beijing is ideal tourism city combining historical and cultural sites. You could climb the Great Wall which is a famous landmark of China and one of the eight wonders in the world. Visit the famous imperial palace---Forbidden City, the imperial garden-Summer Palace, ancient royal heaven worship place-Temple of Heaven, and the cute giant panda at the Beijing zoo.

Xian---One of the cradles of Chinese culture and civilization. Tourists could see a lot of historical wonders, such as the Qin Terracotta Army, the Ancient City Wall, Banpo Neolithic Museum and a lot of ancient mausoleums. Besides, challenging one of the steepest mountains in China---Mt. Huashan.

Guilin---World-wide known tourist destination with the unparalleled natural landscape in Li River Area with limestone hills, karsts caves. Besides, the stunning Longji Terraces and ethnic customs experience are also attractive.

Shanghai---The largest and modernist city in China. It is magic city. Even though it is modern, it is also traditional and cultural. Visit the famous Bund, up to the top of the landmark as Oriental Pearl TV Tower, know the history of Shanghai by visit the Shanghai City History Museum at the group floor of Oriental Pearl TV Tower, enjoy the colorful night view by take a cruise along Huangpu River, ect.

Hong Kong---The shopping and leisure heaven in China. You will almost find no language barriers in Hong Kong. It is easy to connect with international flight to your country.

Yangtze River Cruise--- The most classic inland river cruise in China. It is leisure trip along the longest river in Asia. You will have chance to pass the Three Gorges Dam lock, which is the largest water-control project in the world.

Badaling Great Wall

Travel Tips for China Tour III: Make Sure the Weather Condition is Suitable for Your Destinations

With the vast land and the most complicated terrain in the world, the climate conditions on China vary from region to region. When you travel to China for the 1st time, you should know when is the best time to visit your destinations in advance to make sure your good China tour itinerary.
According the different climate condition, we separate a year into three season for tourism. They are low season (December, January, and February), shoulder season (June, July, August), high season (March, April, May, September, October and November).

High season is the best time to travel in China with the most comfortable weather and good view in most parts of China. But the price for hotel and transportation is also most expensive in this season.
Shoulder season is in deep summer in China, it is also rain season in southern areas of Yangtze River, especially June and July. If there isn’t flood and you do not mind hot weather, it is suitable to travel in most part of China. We suggest you to visit some mountains areas avoid a scorcher. Low season does not mean that you can not travel to China. You could choose to visit some historical or cultural destination. December and January are the best time to visit Harbin, who holds The International Ice and Snow Festival from January 5 to February 5 every year, when you can appreciate ice sculpture almost everywhere in Harbin. You could also choose to do a skiing tour in North China. If you prefer a leisure beach tour, low season is also a good time to travel to Hainan, China, where you will find warm sunshine, leisurely beach, coconut groves, ect

Mt. Huangshan

Travel Tips for China Tour IV: Bargain While Shopping in China

Bargaining is acceptable in most Chinese stores, except in the supermarket or some shopping malls in which the goods have clear fixed prices. Bargaining can be great fun when you’re in the mood, and save you some money. Even though prices in China are lower than many other countries, but whenever you are going shopping in China, never forget to bargain.

Tourists often come across many vendors at almost every scenic area in China, selling souvenirs. If you are not planning to buy anything, do not ask for the price. Otherwise, the vendors may follow you for a long way. If you want to buy something at the scenic area or at local market, do not forget to bargain. Generally speaking, you may buy it at a price at half or 1/3 of the vender’s first offer. If the vendors do not want to sell, you can pretend to leave. They may call you back and sell to you at your price or a bit higher than your price. If you could speak a bit Chinese for bargain, it will be helpful.

How much is this? 这个多少钱?(zhè gè duō shǎo qián)
Too expensive. 太贵了。(tài guì le)
Can you come down a bit? 可以少点儿吗? (kě yǐshǎo diǎn ér ma)
Still too expensive. 还是太贵了。(hái shì tài guì le)
No, thanks. 不要了,谢谢 (bú yào le .xiè xiè)

Shopping in China

Travel Tips for China Tour V: Savor the Authentic Chinese Food

No matter you are a food lover or not, do not miss the authentic Chinese food when you travel in China, especially those specialties. Local delicious food is often an indispensable thing in an overseas tour. Then what you have to eat when you travel to China.
Peking Roast Duck (北京烤鸭) is the local specialty in Beijing and it is also famous in the world. Many tourist may find the authentic roast duck greasy compared to that in the Chinese restaurant in their own countries. Suggest you read Taste Beijing Roast Duck to get the well-known roast duck restaurants in Beijing. Do not miss the Steamed Bun Stuffed with Juicy Pork (上海小笼汤包) in Shanghai. Wheaten food, such as dumpling and Chinese hamburger in Xian (饺子和肉夹馍) as well as Rice noodle in Guilin (桂林米粉). Both local specialties in Xian and Guilin taste delicious, but cheap.

Beijing Roast Duck