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9 Things Not to Do in Tibet

Tibet is a holy land in China, local customs in Tibet will be so different from any other places in China. Thus, knowing what you can do and what not to do in Tibet will be really useful, as you might encounter some unexpected conditions in Tibet, no matter for altitude sickness, or other taboos. Read the top 9 things not to do in Tibet to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.


1.Don’t Talk about Sensitive Topics.

It’s really important that you should not talk about sensitive topics in Tibet, including political and religious topics. Tibetan people take their religion and beliefs very seriously, it’s inappropriate to ask them this kind of questions, or talk about related topics with your guide. What we should do is to respect the local culture and custom in Tibet.

Potala Palace


2.Don’t Ignore Altitude Sickness.

Many people are easily to get altitude sickness as soon as they arrive. Never take altitude sickness lightly when you’re traveling in Tibet, otherwise, you won’t be able to enjoy the stunning sceneries in Tibet. You can prefer some medication for altitude sickness if you really worry about it.

  • Get a body check before you go to Tibet. Also, do some exercises at home regularly. But you should avoid running once you arrive there.
  • Don’t be too nervous, instead, try to relax and remain a good state of mind all the time. It will be helpful.
  • Drink plenty of water each day to keep yourself from dehydration, and it’s better for you to eat light food. Smoking and drinking are what you should avoid on the plateau.
  • Read more about altitude sickness in Tibet.


3.Don’t Forget Your Passport and Tibet Entry Permit.

Make sure you carry your passport and Tiber Entry Permit before you leave, because you will always need them during your trip in Tibet. Once you arrive at the airport or train station, your visa and Tibet Entry Permit will be checked. You may also need your documents when you travel to Shigatse and Mt. Everest.

Please remember that foreign tourists are not allowed to travel independently in Tibet. You can only travel to Tibet in groups organized by a travel agency or by the offices of the Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB).

It’s better to keep some copies of your documents, no matter for your visa or Tibet Entry Permit, just in case. Do remember to bring those documents with you all the time.

Tashilhunpo Monastery


4.Don’t Expect to Get to a Place Quickly.

Unlike other big cities in China, public transportation in any cities of Tibet won’t be as convenient as in other popular tourist cities. Meanwhile, sometimes attractions you want to visit are not so closed to each other, so that you’ll spend some time on the road. Don’t expect to get to a place quickly, stay calm and take it easy.

Some attractions may be a bit far from your hotel, therefore, a customized tour with a private car will be better for you. It will be more convenient and comfortable. Please feel free to contact us if you need any help.


5.Don’t Think Lhasa the Only Worth-going Place in Tibet.

With Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street as main attractions, Lhasa is a must-visit city in Tibet that no one will miss. However, Tibet is not all about Lhasa, there are plenty more places for you to explore in Tibet. Don’t hesitate to visit other popular cities. The following information may help you make a decision more easily and quickly.

Lhasa City View

  • Shigatse, as the second largest city in Tibet, is also a popular city among foreign visitors, for it is the gateway to get to Mt. Everest Base Camp. For famous monasteries, just consider Tashilhunpo Monastery, Sakya Monastery and Pelkor Chode Monastery.
  • Shannan, the birthplace of Tibetan culture, is a great place for culture lovers. You can visit Samye Monastery, which was the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet. Or you can go to Yamdrok Lake, which is one of the three largest sacred lakes in Tibet.
  • Nyingchi is so charming with green mountains and clear water, especially in spring, when the peach blossoms are blooming. If you’re planning to travel to Tibet in April, don’t miss Nyingchi.
  • Chamdo is famous for the beautiful snow-capped mountains and dense forests. Main attractions in Chamdo are Ranwu Lake, the Ancient Tea-horse Road and the Karub Ruins.


6.Don’t Forget to Wear Enough Clothes.

Try to prepare enough clothes for a Tibet trip. Even though you’re planning to visit Tibet during summer, it’s better to bring a thick coat, for the large temperature difference between day and night. And you will definitely need it when you climb Mt. Everest.

Please make sure you have extra clothes to change. What’s more, outdoor shoes will be more comfortable. No matter which season you come, remember to change clothes accordingly, so that you won’t catch a cold in Tibet.

Mt. Everest Base Camp


7.Don’t Wear Shorts, Sunglasses or Hats When You Visit Monasteries.

Do remember to wear sunglasses and hats when traveling in Tibet, because of the strong ultraviolet radiation on the plateau. What’s more, it’s necessary to apply sunscreen before you go out. However, you should not enter monasteries without taking off your sunglasses and hats, furthermore, it’s not appropriate to wear shorts or skirts.

Always show your respect when visiting monasteries in Tibet. Don’t touch Buddha statues or the sacred books. In addition, no shouting, smoking or running in the monasteries.

Jokhang Temple


8.Don’t Disrespect Local Customs in Tibet.

When we explore the untouched beauty of this holy land, we should always remember to respect the local culture and custom in Tibet. Don’t touch the head of a Tibetan. It’s offended. Don’t eat animals like fish, dog, donkey, bird and horse. They are scared animals to Tibetan people. For more tips, please read Tibetan Taboos.


9.Don’t Take Pictures of Everything.

It’s normal to take pictures while traveling, for beautiful natural sceneries, characteristic architectures or local environment. As Tibet has But in Tibet, you’d better not take pictures whenever you want to, or else you will be in trouble.

You’re not allowed to take pictures inside some of the monasteries in Tibet, like Potala Palace and Jokhang Monastery, just pay attention to the signs when you enter.

Every time you want to take some pictures of the local people, please ask them for permission. Don’t take pictures without asking, especially when you meet pilgrims.

Wherever you see yaks and Tibetan mastiffs, do not take pictures of them immediately. You’d better check if the owner is around and ask if it’s free to take pictures, because some well-dressed yaks and Tibetan mastiffs are charged to be photographed in many tourist places.

Yamdrok Lake


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