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Suggested Destinations for Traveling in China

When you begin to make your China tour itinerary, you may need some suggestions from some reliable people. Top China Travel as a professional travel agency will provide you some useful information on this matter.
It is impossible to see all the magnificent sights in China for one time. So according to the cultural connotations and the attraction types, we have designed various tours for you to choose.
China Classic Tour
► The China classic tours areprepared for those tourists who may be not familiar with China. The hottest travel cities including Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, are ready to welcome you. The ancient China in Xian, the present China in Beijing and the future China in Shanghai will tell you a general idea of China. And the landscape in Guilin shows you the charming of natural resources in China.

Tibet Tours
is another must experienced destination in China. The mysterious Tibet is totally different from the rest parts of China. When you plan to visit Tibet, you should get more information. Getting some Tibet Tours 

Yangtze River Cruise Tours
Yangtze River may tell you what a splendid China is. In this kind of tour, we have already made out some classic cruises both in the upstream cruises as well as downstream ones.  Getting some Yangtze River Cruise Tours.

Silk Road Tours
► The Silk Road is highly recommended to visitors who want to dig deep the history of Ancient China, the fascinating overland route once used for transporting silk to Europe including little-traveled parts of central China and pass through archaeological treasure houses of Xian and Dunhuang, heading into Xinjiang. Getting some Silk Road Tours.

China Ethnic Tours
Yunan and Guizhou are two provinces to savor the Chinese ethnic culture. In these tow areas, you can find countless ethnic villages and live with them to get touch with the minorities daily life. If you are lucky enough, you can meet the festivals only belongs to the unique minorities. Getting some China Ethnic Tours.

Top 10 China Tours
► On the other hand, we carefully select out Top 10 China Tours which are popular all the timeand have got numerous positive feedbacks.You can plan click all of them as the reference for your China tours.
Besides these typical China tours, you also can find numerous tours from the routes you would like in China Tours page. From the culture tours to the ethnic tours, you will find China is a country with unlimited sites to discovery and explore.