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How to Plan a Trip to China from Sweden


Looking for a China travel plan from Sweden to China? Great, this article is designed for you. To most Swedish people, China is a mystery and attractive country and a great destination. Thus for those Swedish who are making a China travel plan, Top China Travel kindly compiles this article, and hopes it would be a great help to some of you.

In planning a trip to China, you should focus on these important things: when to visit China, best places to visit in China, how many days to stay in China, flight from Sweden to China, and apply for Chinese visa in Sweden. Still, if you don’t make a travel plan from Sweden to China, you could find a good travel operator and book a China tour package.

Jinshanling Great Wall-plan a trip to China from Sweden
(Jinshanling Great Wall/ Beijing)



When to Visit China

When should I visit China? It is one of those questions often asked by travelers, and the answer is dependent on two things: when do you have time to travel, and what’s the best time to visit China. Best time to visit China is from April to October, and it lasts for months, therefore we suggest that you find the balanced point between them.

Summer Palace-plan a trip to China from Sweden
(Summer Palace/ Beijing)

► Best time to visit China: from April to October. In this period, natural sceneries would be very beautiful, and the weather is good for traveling.

 Golden time to visit China: September and October.

 China weather: Spring is a warming up season from March to May, and Summer is hot in most places of China. Spring and summer are also rainy seasons in China. Autumn(September-October-November) in China is considered as the best season for travelling, and suitable for outdoor activities.  Winter(December-January-February) is cold, and it is the least ideal time for travelling, except you want to see snow sceneries and visit places like Harbin Ice and Snow World and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

Best places to visit in China(March-April-May): Dongchuan Red Land(Kunming), Luoyang Peony Fair (Luoyang), Nanxun Water Town(Hangzhou), Hani Rice Terrace(Yuanyang), Li River(Guilin)
Best places to visit in China(June-July-August): Summer Palace(Beijing), West Lake(Hangzhou), Qinghai Lake(Xining), Tiger Leaping Gorge(Lijiang), Mount Huashan(Xian)
Best places to visit in China(September-October-November): the Great Wall(Beijing),  Mount Huangshan(Huangshan), Jiuzhai Valley(Jiuzhaigou), Longji Rice Terrace(Guilin), Yangtze River(Chongqing-Yichang)
Best places to visit in China(December-January-February): Harbin Ice and Snow World and Jade Dragon Snow Mountain


Where to Go & What to See in China

Where should I visit? What are best places to visit  in China? For these questions, here we will give you a solid answer.

Mount Huashan
(Mount Huashan/ Xian)

 Where to go in China? China has many interesting places worthy visiting, and the top 10  tourist cities are Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Lhasa, and Kunming. Other popular places are Suzhou, Huangshan, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Jiuzhaigou, etc.

Ancient cities to visit in China: Beijing, Xian, Datong, Luoyang, Pingyao, Dunhuang.

Most beautiful places to visit in China: Huangshan, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Jiuzhaigou, Daocheng Yading, Shangri-la.

 What to see in China? Those wonderful places could be classified into several kinds according to themes, like famous places and beautiful attractions. Historical and cultural places are man-made great places, including palaces, ancient towns, city walls. And those natural attractions scatter in everywhere of China, composed of lakes, mountains, and rivers.

Most famous historical and cultural places: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Place, Terracotta Warriors, Mogao Grottoes, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Shaolin Temple, Pingyao Ancient City.

Top 10 attractions in China: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Jiuzhai Valley, Yellow Mountain, Li River, Yangtze River, West Lake, the Bund, Potala Palace.

Top hiking routes: the Great Wall, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Li River, Longji Rice Terrace, Daocheng County.

Terracotta Warriors-plan a trip to China from Sweden
(Terracotta Warriors/ Xian)

 Xian: have you ever heard of Terracotta Warriors or Terracotta Army in Xian? If you are interested in China, you should know this attraction. Terracotta Warriors, is a miracle of human, made and buried under ground in two thousand years ago. Still you could go to interesting places like Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xian City Wall, Mount Huashan, Muslim Street, etc. If you like climb mountain or go hiking, Mount Huashan is definitely an ideal place to go.

 Hangzhou: a leisure place, with beautiful sceneries. In Hangzhou West Lake scenery area, You could walk along the lake, take a boat, or go cycling. Another feature of Hangzhou is water town, which is the ancient layout of towns and reflect ancient life style of local people. In Hangzhou, you could visit Wuzhen Water Town, Xitang Water Town, and Nanxun Water Town. If you are interested in green tea or Chinese silk, you should put Hangzhou in your itinerary, because Longjing tea and Hangzhou silk are superior and famous in the world.

 Chengdu: go to the habitat of Chinese giant panda, and see those cute animals. Chinese giant pandas are rare animals under protection, and in some places, you may see pandas in zoos, but in Chengdu, you could see pandas in natural parks only for them. If you like Chinese food, please try some Chengdu food, which enjoys a good name in China.


How Many Days to Stay in China

Li River-plan a trip to China from Sweden
(Li River/ Guilin)

For most travelers, they would spend about 10 days in China, some of them 5-7 days, and some 10-15 days. If you only have 5-7 days, you could visit 1-3 places in China, like Beijing+Xian, Beijing+Shanghai, Guangzhou+ Zhangjiajie, etc. If you have 10-15 days, you could visit 4-6 places, and explore real China and see more about China.

In the case you have many days available, we suggest you have a long China tour for 10-15 days, because it would be great in your travel experience and reasonable in travel cost.

For you to figure out how many days to stay in China, we here recommend some China travel itineraries for you to learn:


Flight from Sweden to China

From Sweden to China, flight is the best way. There are more nonstop flights from Stockholm to Beijing than those to Shanghai in a week, so we suggest you select Beijing as the first entry place.

 Distance from Sweden to China: 6,375 km.

 Flight type from Sweden to China: nonstop flights, connecting flights.

 Flight time from Sweden to China: + 8 hours.

 Major arrival cities in China: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong.

 Major departure city in Sweden: Stockholm.

 Flight from Stockholm to China: this information is only for reference, cause it may change.

  Distance Flight Type Flight Time Notes
Stockholm → Beijing 6,633 km nonstop flight 8 h 35 min 19:10 Sweden Time-09:45 China Time, +1 day
Stockholm → Shanghai 7,690 km nonstop flight 9 h 50 min 19:10 Sweden Time-09:45 China Time, +1 day


Apply for Chinese Visa in Sweden 

Chinese visa-plan a trip to China from Sweden
(Chinese visa)

 How to apply for Chinese visa in Sweden? Go to Chinese Visa Application Service Center, fill in visa application form and make an appointment online, and submit required materials to  the office of Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Stockholm.

 How many days can I get a Chinese Visa in Sweden? several days.

Type of visa: Chinese tourist visa( L-visa)

Required materials:

  • Confirmation sheet and form
  • Passport and passport photocopy
  • Photo
  • Your China trip itinerary (both flight and hotel reservations) or invitation letter

Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in Stockholm:

  • Address: Karlavägen 108, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Business Hours: Monday-Friday. Submission of applications: 9:00 to 15:00. Payment and collection: 9:00 to 16:00.
  • Tel: 08-12201166
  • E-mail: sthlmcenter@visaforchina.org


Recommended China Tour Packages

 8 Days Classic China Tour

Nanjing Road-plan a trip to China from Sweden

(Nanjing Road/ Shanghai)

Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai.

Highlight attractions: the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Mutianyu Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Xian City Wall, the Bund, Yuyuan.

Top reasons: Beijing, Xian and Shanghai are the most popular tourist cities in China, famous to the world for their spectacular attractions. If you ever searched information about travel in these three places, you would know you should really visit them at least for once in your life. In this tour, you could expect those great attractions broadcast on social media, and written in other travelers' posts.

 12 Days China Panda Tour

Chinese Giant Panda-plan a trip to China from Sweden

Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Shanghai.

Highlight attractions: The Forbidden City, the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Dujiangyan Panda Base,  Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River Cruise to Yangshuo, the Bund. Shanghai Tower.

Top reasons: in this tour, you will visit 5 special places in China, and each of them are very famous for their distinctive attractions, like the Great Wall in Beijing, Terracotta Warriors in Xian, Dujiangyan Panda Base, Li River in Guilin, and the Bund in Shanghai. Those are remarkable landmarks in China travel, and you will be thrilled to all of them. Moreover, other attractions and interesting activities, like exploring Beijing hutongs by rickshaw, learning to cook Sichuan food, and taking Li River Cruise, will impress you a lot and give you a wonderful China travel experience.


China Travel Tips

For planning a trip to China, you may also need the below information, and here we would like to give you travel tips and help make full preparation for China Travel.

 China Time:  UTC/GMT+ 8 is used as China Time standard, and China Time is 6 hours ahead of Sweden Time.

 China weather: China has four distinctive seasons, and summer in China is hotter than that in Sweden, and winter in the north of China could be very cold.

 Phone and internet usage: we can't go a country without bring a phone or computer, and we also need to how use phone and access to internet in another country.

 Travel in China by plane: know what you can’t bring, and how much you could bring while taking plane in China.

 China travel guide books(free download): better to have some China travel guide books, which will give your great help for sure.