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How to Plan a Trip to China from Saudi Arabia

China has seen a great rise of Halal tourism in recent years. Tremendous tourists travel to China from Arab World, especially nationals of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the majestic land of China, tourists will witness a dramatic contrast between tradition and modern, and discover diverse landscapes and sights across the country. Besides, there are top Muslim-friendly holiday destinations in China to explore and enjoy. Plan a trip to China from Saudi Arabia can be easy and smooth, proving you follow the travel guide on China weather, best time to visit, how to apply China visa, as well as travel tips on Muslim travel in China and tour packages.  

trip to China from Saudi Arabia

Where is China?

Check the map of China location we craft, you can see China is located in East Asia, west of Pacific Ocean, the eastern hemisphere and the northern hemisphere. It neighbors 20 countries, including Japan, Korea, North Korea, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, Nepal, India etc.        

The Distance from Saudi Arabia to China

According to the location of these two countries, the shortest air travel distance between China (Beijing) and Saudi Arabia is 5,776 km / 3,589 miles. 

Time Difference between Saudi Arabia and China

The territory of China is across five time zones, though, it uses UTC/GMT+08:00 as standard time. We call it China Standard Time. 
  • China is 5 hours ahead of Saudi Arabia
Time Zone
UTC Offset
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
AST - Arabia Standard Time
UTC+3 hours
Beijing in China
CST – China Standard Time
UTC+8 hours

China location map

Geographic Differences between China and Malaysia

Saudi Arabia
GPS Coordinates (DMS)
35° 51´ 41.9760'' N
104° 11´ 43.4400'' E
23° 53´ 9.3840'' N
45° 4´ 44.9760'' E
Average Elevation
1084 m (6,037 ft)
665 m (2,182 ft)

When to Go - Best Time to Visit China

When planning your trip to China, you may need to know China weather and Climate in advance, and more importantly, the best time to visit China. The climate of China is quite different from that of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia's climate is categorized as tropical desert climate, being hot and dry throughout the year. While China has four distinctive seasons. 

Spring goes from March to May, when most parts are still a bit chill. Summer is from June to August, hot and rainy. Autumn is from September to November of the mildest weather, while winter is from December to next February, when the country turns to be very cold (especially in North China and northern Tibet, and except some parts of South China). 
For our clients from Saudi Arabia, we usually suggest them to visit China between April and November. Autumn from September to October is recommended by most tourists as the best time to visit China, as it is the most beautiful season in China, with colorful fall foliage. >> Further reading for best time to visit Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin and other tourist cities
You are also encouraged to travel to Harbin or northern China in winter to embrace the ice and snow, for a special and fun-filled New Year Holiday. If you plan a China tour in winter, you may expect a lower price than normal (except Harbin), as it is the off-peak season of tourism in China.  
Time to avoid traveling to China: China National Day Holiday, or the so-called crazy Golden Week on October 1-7, when all sights are packed with domestic tourists

Travel to China from Saudi Arabia

How to Apply for a Chinese Visa in Saudi Arabia

Do Saudi citizens need a Chinese visa? All foreigners, including Saudi passport holders, are required to obtain a visa to travel to mainland China. Since Chinese embassy in Riyadh does not accept China visa application service from ordinary Saudi passport holders. You have to prepare the necessary documents and submitted your application to one of the below three companies / offices. >> How to Apply for China Visa
Chinese Competitive Spirit Co.
Address: Ground Floor, Sada 1 Business Center, No. 62 Street King Fahd Road, Olaya District, Riyadh
Tel: +966-1-4621258, 0501086100
Fax: +966-1-4633850
Office Hours: 08:30am - 02:00pm, Saturday - Thursday
Al Sandross International Est.
Address: Bin Salem Trading Center, Takhsossi Street, Riyadh (about 200m North of the Emirates Airlines Office)
Tel: +966-0-535363247 
Office Hours: 
08:30 am - 01:30 pm, 05:00pm - 09:00 pm, Saturday to Wednesday;
08:30 am - 01:30 pm, Thursday   
Foreign Affairs & Business Service Office
Address: Payless Building, Beside Samba Bank, King Abdullah Road, Alworod District, Riyadh, K.S.A
Tel: +966-1-2052808
The requirements of china visa for Saudi citizens: You may apply for L-Visa as a tourist, which allows you a stay of maximum 30 days in China. The required documents include valid passport, a fully complicated visa application form and recently-taken passport size photograph, proof of finances, an original letter from the applicant's employer, documents showing the itinerary, proof of hotel reservation, etc.

Regarding Hong Kong Visa and Macau visa

Saudi passport holders are exempt from visa if traveling to Hong Kong for a stay of within 30 days. For traveling to Macao, Saudi passport holders need to apply for a Macao visa at visa offices of the Chinese Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or make a visa-upon-arrival application upon their arrival in Macao.   

China tour package from NZ

Entry Cities - How to Get to China from Saudi Arabia

With the direct flights from Riyadh, Guangzhou is the major entry city for your trip to China from Saudi Arabia. After arrival in Guangzhou, you can proceed your holiday to other China destinations, by domestic flights or bullet trains. 
You may also fly to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or Chengdu from Riyadh, by making a transfer in another city (e.g. Dubai or Abu Dhabi), with 1 stop there.  

Non-stop Flights to China from Saudi Arabia

Currently there are direct flights to Guangzhou, China from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, operated by Saudi Arabian Airlines. The air journey is around 7.5 hours.
Departure City in Saudi Arabia
Arrival City in China
Notes for Schedule
Four flight a week
Notes: The air route and flight schedule are for reference only. Please check the official website of each airline for the accurate information and the airfares.  

Saudi Arabia to China direct flights

Where to Go – Best Muslim-friendly Travel Destinations to Visit in China

Allow yourself around 8 to 14 days for your first time China trip. For Saudi tourists in China, we highly recommend top cities with both cultural significance and scenic charm. Moreover, we also list best Muslim travel destinations in China, with Muslim sites and mosques. And you don’t need to worry about the foods, as there are Halal food restaurants in all big cities. 
>> Further reading about Muslim Travel in China

Top Places for First Trip to China & What to See

Beijing: The must-visit destination for your first trip to China, Beijing offers a lot to see and explore, with both world-class historical sites and remarkable modern architectures. The history of Muslim in Beijing can be traced back to over 700 years ago during Yuan Dynasty. Today, there are large Muslim communities and many famous mosques in Beijing. 
Xian: One of the oldest city and the most famous ancient capital in China, where the Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum is situated, Xian is also one of the top Muslim travel destinations in China. There are Muslim streets and communities, very good Muslim foods, as well as the famous Great Mosque. 
Shanghai: No one fails to love Shanghai, including Saudi travelers. It features not only modern architecture wonders and important Chinese cultural attractions, but also numerous Muslim sites, mosques, communities and century-old Muslim restaurants… Plan an extension trip from Shanghai? You may visit SuzhouMt. Huangshan and Hangzhou

China tours from Saudi Arabia

More Recommended Destinations to Visit in China

Yunnan: More and more people plan to visit Yunnan, not only to Kunming for Stone Forest, but also to the beautiful towns of Dali and Lijiang, stunning Yuanyang Field Terraces, as well as mysterious Shangri-La. For Muslim tourists, there are 820 mosques in Yunnan. 
Ancient Silk Road: A legendary route dotted with many historical towns and important cultural sites and now a UNESCO cultural heritage, Silk Road is where you will discover profound Muslim culture and traditions in China, by traveling to Gansu or Xinjiang. What’s more, there are deserts, oasis, Danxia Geography Park of Zhangye

Chengdu: It is a popular urban star in China, stepped in history and culture. You may experience time-honored traditions, try different kinds of snacks on the ancient streets, and explore a dozen old towns nearby. Chengdu is also a family-friendly destination, for being the hometown of giant panda. Thus you can have a close contact with these cutest fur balls and even hug a panda cub.
Guilin & Yangshuo: They are two of the best scenic destinations in China. The top things to do and must-visit attractions include Li River Cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, Longji Terraced Fields and amazing Karst caves (Reed Flute Cave or Silver Cave). It is also worth visiting Xingping Town and the surreal hills. 
Zhangjiajie: if you plan to venture into the great nature of China, Zhangjiajie is the best place to visit. The quartz sandstone peak forest landform is rare on earth, and a skywalk on the Glass Bridge is nerve-wracking yet totally rewarding.
● Mt. Huangshan                      ●Tibet                               ● Yangtze Cruise                           ● Jiuzhaigou

First trip to China from Saudi Arabia

Recommended China Tour Packages

Top China Travel, the leading China tour specialist since 1959, offer all inclusive China tours to Beijing, Shanghai, Xian, Guilin, Tibet and more. Below we list China Muslim tours, as well as our best China travel deals. Please feel free to send us an enquiry or contact us for a tailor-made China tour to meet your personal needs.

Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai
Highlight Attractions: China Great Wall, Forbidden City, Niujie Mosque, Temple of Heaven, hutong, Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall of Xian, Great Mosque, Muslim Street, the Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yuyuan Garden, Xiaotaoyuan Mosque
Why Recommended: The most classical China tour itinerary is especially suitable for your first trip. You are going to visit the big-name attractions, as well as the renowned historical Muslim sites and communities in China. 


Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin, Hong Kong
Highlight Attractions: China Great Wall, Forbidden City, Niujie Mosque, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall of Xian, Muslim Street, the Bund, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Yuyuan Garden, Li River Cruise to Yangshuo, Victoria Peak, Aberdeen
Why Recommended: A well-crafted Muslim tour in China, you will experience local Muslim culture and life in China, apart from visiting ancient architecture wonders, UNESCO world natural and cultural heritages.

Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chongqing, Yichang, Shanghai
Highlight Attractions: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Olympic Park, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Terracotta Warriors, Ancient City Wall of Xian, Li River, Yangshuo, Yangtze Cruise, Shanghai Tower
Why Recommended: Take a relaxed and enjoyable China holiday to the best tourist destinations in China, including ancient capitals and heaven-like places.


Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Shanghai
Highlight Attractions: China Great Wall, Palace Museum, Beijing hutong, Terracotta Amy Museum, Dujiangyan Panda Base, Jiezi Ancient Town, Reed Flute Cave, Li River, Yangshuo, Shanghai Tower 
Why Recommended: By taking this China tour, you will discover ancient architecture wonders, UNESCO world natural and cultural heritages, and travel to giant panda base to have fun with panda, and beautiful landscape of Guilin and Yangshuo.

World Travelers' Reviews on Our China Tours


For decades, we have arranged China travel packages for many Saudi tourists, e.g. Mr. Moath Al Sukaiti (8 pax), who took 7 days Guilin Yangshuo China Tour. Check what he said: 
“Thanks so much arranging such a wonderful tour for our family.
The Li River Cruise is the most attractive part. The guide you arranged for us in Guilin was a great guide. She was very accommodated and concerned. And she took very good care of us. The driver was very flexible and helpful and he drove safely.
We have many fond memories of our trip and appreciate all of your help making it a great success. “ 

Travel Tips and Advice

To plan your trip to China from Saudi Arabia, you also need guidance for the preparation and tips when traveling in China.
► What to Pack: Bring with passport, China visa and other required documents, the contact list with your hotel info and contact number of local guides (your travel consultant of TCT will send to you in advance), suitable clothes for different seasons, etc.  
► How to use phone & access internet in China: follow our guidance, you can use mobile phone and access internet (and Facebook, Instagram, etc) when traveling in China
► Accommodation in China: China hotels are classified according to the international standard. Check for different classes and what top China travel arrange for our clients.  
► Travel in China by plane: When taking China domestic flights, you are supposed to know the luggage allowance and restrictions in advance. There are also tips if you are traveling with kid or baby. 
► Tips for travel in China by train: Try bullet train in China. Here are useful tips for the train ticket booking procedure and how to take a train in China. 
Saudi Arabia Embassy in China: Street address and contact number of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Beijing, Hong Kong