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How to Plan a Trip to China from Oman


Are you from Oman? Are your planning a trip to China? If you are, you will be happy to read this article, because it tells how to plan a trip to China from Oman.

For planning a trip to China, it focuses on preparation for a China trip in Oman, and attaches great importance to solve these 5 things: when to visit China, how many days to stay in China, where to visit(best places to visit in China), how to apply Chinese visa, and how to get to China from Oman(flight from Oman to China).

Besides, this travel guide for Omani travelers to plan a trip to China, also provides information like China tour packages, and Omani travelers' reviews on China tours, etc.

Humble Administrator's Garden
(Humble Administrator's Garden/ Suzhou)


When to Visit China

When do you have time to travel to China? What's the best time to visit China? Here we give travel tips about when to visit China for you to schedule your China trip.

Oman holidays: New Year's Day, The Prophet's Ascension, Isra'a Wal Mi'raj, Eid al-Fitr Holiday, Renaissance Day, Eid al-Adha Holiday, Islamic New Year, Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, National Day.

Best time to visit China: April to October, good for travelling to most places in China.

Golden time to visit China: September and October. Perfect time for outdoor activities, like climbing mountains, and hiking.

Mount Huangshan
(Mount Huangshan/ Huangshan)

Travel to China in spring(March-April-May):

China weather in spring: from  March to May, it is getting warmer and warmer, and in May, the temperature is between 20°C-30°C.

Best places to visit in China in spring: Li River(Guilin), Tongli Water Town(Suzhou), Dongchuan Red Land(Kunming), Xidi Village(Huangshan).

Travel to China in summer(June-July-August):

China weather in summer: hot, with temperature between 25°C-35°C.

Best places to visit in China in summer: West Lake(Hangzhou), Mount Huangshan(Huangshan), Tiger Leaping Gorge(Lijiang), Zhangjiajie National Forest(Zhangjiajie).

Travel to China in autumn(September-October-November):

China weather in autumn: cool and sunny, with few rainy days. In the north of China, from the second of October, it is getting cold, and in November, it is a bit cold.

Best places to visit in China in autumn: Great Wall(Beijing), Terracotta Warriors(Xian), Longji Rice Terrace(Guilin), Yangtze River(Chongqing-Yichang).

Travel to China in winter(December-January-February):

China weather in winter: cold. In the south of China, the lowest temperature could reach 0°C, while the north of China, it could be -10°C.

Best places to visit in China in winter: Harbin Ice and Snow World(Harbin), Mount Huangshan(Huangshan), Xiling Snow Mountain(Chengdu).


Best Places to Visit in China

Don't know where to visit in China? Here we list best places to visit in China, like best sceneries, most beautiful cities, famous water towns, etc.

West Lake Hangzhou
(West Lake/ Hangzhou)

Best places to visit in China:

Most beautiful cities: Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Guilin, Jiuzhaigou, Lijiang, Suzhou, Chengdu
Top ancient capitals of China: Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Nanjing, Kaifeng
Top attractions in China: The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Yangtze River, Li River, Mount Huangshan, West Lake
Top water towns in China: Zhouzhuang Water Town, Wuzhen Water Town, Tongli Water Town, Xitang Water Town

Beijing: visit Beijing at least once in your lifetime. Beijing will lighten your China trip, because it  has several very beautiful and famous attractions, like Great Wall and Forbidden City, and interesting activities, like hanging around hutongs.

Hangzhou: a beautiful place with great natural sceneries, famous for West Lake, Longjing Tea, and Hangzhou Silk. In Hangzhou, you could have a leisure day in West Lake, visit Lingyin Temple to learn Chinese religious culture, and go to Meijiawu Tea Village to learn Chinese tea culture.

Guilin: it boasts the best scenery under heaven, and has received great reviews from travelers. In Guilin, Li River, Longji Rice Terraces, and Yangshuo countryside views will definitely give you a great experience.


How Many Days to Stay in China

Great Wall

China is a wonderful destination, and you could spend many days in China to visit so many attractions. Omani travelers who plan a first time trip to China, are inclined to spend 1 week or 2 weeks in China. Here we recommend you have a 5-7 days China tour or a 10-15 days China tour.

In planning such a first time trip to China, we advise these cities to you: Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Chengdu, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Huangshan to you. You could combine some of them to make your own trip.

For having a 5-7 days China tour, you could visit 2-3 cities in China. Recommended 5-7 days China tours:

For having a 10-15 days China tour, you could visit over 3 cities in China. Recommended 10-15 days China tours:


Apply Chinese Visa in Oman

Chinese visa
(Chinese Visa)

Chinese visa is the required paper for entering China, and please apply Chinese visa in Oman at least 2 weeks ahead of time.

Visa type: tourist visa(L-visa)

Required materials for submission:

  • Passport valid for at lest 6 months
  • Visa application form
  • Passport photocopy                                           
  • Photo (48mm×33mm)
  • Your China trip itinerary (both flight and hotel reservations) or invitation letter
  • Application fee
Time of visa collection: usually 3-4 week days after submission.
Visa fee: 20 OMR for single entry, 10 OMR for express service.
Where to apply Chinese visa: Consular Section of Chinese Embassy in Oman

Consular Section of Chinese Embassy in Oman:

  • Address: Embassy District in Khuwair, Muscat, Oman
  • Email: chinaemb_om@mfa.gov.cn
  • Tel: 00968-24958008
  • Office time: 09:00-12:00, Sunday to Thursday


Flight from Oman to China

Oman is in the west of Asia, and China is in the east of Asia, and distance from Oman to China is 4,911 km. From Oman to China, people usually take flight. For convenience, you are advised to take a nonstop flight from Muscat to Guangzhou.

Best way from Oman to China: flight.

Distance from Oman to China: 4,911  km.

Flight time from Oman to China: +7 h.

Flight type from Oman to China: nonstop flight, connecting flight.

China major arrival cities: Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong.

Oman major departure cities: Muscat.

Flight from Muscat to China:

  Distance Flight Type Flight Time
Muscat → Guangzhou 5,560 km nonstop flight 7 h 40 min(09:30-21:10)
Muscat → Hong Kong 5,671 km connecting flight 10 h 10 min(Muscat-Bangkok-Hong Kong)
Muscat → Shanghai 6,198 km connecting flight 11 h 10 min(Muscat-Abu Dhabi-Shanghai)
Muscat → Beijing 5,668 km connecting flight 9 h 25 min(Muscat-Abu Dhabi-Beijing)


Recommended China Tour Packages for Omani Travelers

Considering you may know only little about China tours, here we recommend 2 great China tour packages to Omani Travelers.

5 Days Tour from Guangzhou to Guilin

Li River Guilin
(Li River/ Guilin)

Destinations: Guangzhou, Guilin.

Highlight attractions: Temple of Chen Family, Shamian Island, Reed Flute Cave, Elephant Trunk Hill, Li River Cruise.

Top Reasons: Guangzhou is an arrival city by nonstop flight from Oman to China, convenient for itinerary-making. Guilin is a beautiful city to visit, with green mountains, clean rivers, spectacular caves to see. Furthermore, Guangzhou and Guilin are two great destinations for family trips in China.

16 Days China Highlight Tour

Big Wild Goose Pagoda

(Big Wild Goose Pagoda/ Xian)

Destinations: Beijing, Xian, Chengdu, Guilin, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai.

Highlight attractions: Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, Chengdu Panda Base, Li River Cruise, West Lake, Tongli Water Town, The Bund.

Top Reasons: this tour brings you to 6 beautiful cities in China, with great historical and cultural sites, and natural attractions. These 6 cities are highly recommended to tourists, and each of them has great attractions, well known to the world.

Top 10 China tours


Omani Travelers’ Review on Our China Tours


Mr. Salim, 6 pax from Oman, together with Top China Travel, visited Zhangjiajie, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Guilin and Guangzhou. And he gave his reviews as the following:

"When I planning our private trip to china I have read many trip adviser reviews and I have noticed Raylene He’s name came up a number of times so i sent her an e-mail asked for the best two weeks private tour in China for 6 persons , whiten two days she replied me recommending 5 cities ( Zhangjiajie, hangzhuo , shanghai, Beijing , Guilin ) we went through the program which she sent to us it was excellent so we asked her to go ahead to arrange our journey . it was a great choice we made, The tour guides were knowledgeable and helpful. The hotels which reserved for us by TCT were excellent."

Read More: Unforgettable China Tour in October.


China Travel Tips

China Overview: read China facts and fast to know China.

Muslim Travel in China: relevant attractions and tours recommended to Muslims.

Dining in China: in China, you could enjoy Chinese meals and also exotic food from other countries. No matter you are vegetarian, Muslim, or others, there won’t be any problems about dining in China.

Customer service center: it has specific travel tips like phone and internet usage in China, travel in China by plane, and accommodation in China.

China travel guide book(Free Download PDF):  an useful China travel guide book to help you plan a trip to China from Oman.

Reading here, you may know much about how to plan a trip to China from Oman, especially the 5 important things. If you want us to help you plan a China trip from Oman for you, please contact us..