How to Read Chinese Train Ticket

For travellers who carry Chinese train ticket during China tour, a skill to read China train ticket will help you to find your seat/berth on the train more easily. Here Top China Travel would like to guide you to read about it.
► From Station: the departure train station, ensure you have got the right station in some cities which have more than 1 train station
► Arrival Station: ensure you arrive the right station or ask the staff to get the right information
Train No. You can get detailed inforamtion about train number in Types of China Train
► Departure Time:
including departure date and depature time
► Carriage number and seat/berth number: it is the unique one in each train, if you have find some other sit on your seat/berth, you can check the ticket with him/her by this number
► Ticket Price: the price of this ticket. Sometimes an extra service fee will be charged if you not buy the ticket from the railway station window by yourself
► Seat Class: different seat/berth classes will be in different price, see details in Types of China Train Seat Class
► Personal Info:
including name and ID card/passport number
► 21 Digitals: in the railway system to ensure this ticket is the unique one
► 2D Bar Code: also a function to ensure this ticket is the unique one

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