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How to Read Chinese Train Ticket

With the comprehensive coverage of China railway electronic ticket, paper tickets are not necessary for boarding a train in China. Instead, passengers can enter the railway station, board the train and get out from the arrival station with only the documents reserved for the e-ticket, such as the passport, ID card, or mainland travel permit. However, for travellers who carry Chinese train ticket during China tour, a skill to read China train ticket will help you to find your seat/berth on the train more easily. Here Top China Travel would like to guide you to read about it.

Types of Chinese Train Tickets

There are two types of Chinese train tickets: blue tickets and red tickets. They are assigned at random by the automatic ticket machines at the railway stations. The main difference between them is that the blue tickets are magnetic and can be scanned by the automatic entry or exit gates at some railway stations, while the red tickets are not magnetic and need to be checked manually by the station staff. Now, paper tickets are usually available upon request for reimbursement or information purposes.


In addition to the above two versions of "train tickets in China", "Trip Information Reminders" are also given to remind passengers of related train information. These are usually sent by SMS or email to your phone or computer. They contain similar information as the paper tickets, but in a more concise and clear way.

Passengers can choose whether to print the ticket or the information sheet according to their needs, but the information sheet can only be used to provide information, and cannot be used as a boarding certificate or a reimbursement voucher.


How to Read Chinese Train Ticket

Departure Station: The departure train station, ensure you have got the right station in some cities which have more than 1 train station. If you take a taxi, you can show your ticket to the driver and he will take you to the correct station.
► Arrival Station: Ensure you arrive the right station or ask the staff to get the right information Train No. You can get detailed inforamtion about train number in Types of China Train
► Departure Time: Including departure date and depature time. It is best to arrive at the train station at least 40 minutes before departure, because the high-speed train stations in some cities are very large and you need to go through security and find the boarding gate.

► Train Number: It consists of several digits or an English letter prefix followed by digits, which indicate different types of trains. It helps you to find the right train for your destination and to check the train schedule and status. The train number is shown on your train ticket and on the electronic display boards at the railway stations. You should always check the train number before boarding the train to avoid getting on the wrong one. See more details about How to Take Train in China?

High-speed Train Ticket from Suzhou to Wuxi

► Carriage number and seat/berth number: It is the unique one in each train, if you have find some other sit on your seat/berth, you can check the ticket with him/her by this number
► Seat Class: Different seat/berth classes will be in different price, see details in Types of China Train Seat Class

高级软卧  Deluxe Soft Sleeper 软卧        Soft Sleeper
硬卧         Hard Sleeper 硬座         Hard Seat
商务座     Business Class Seat   一等座    1st Class Seat
特等座     Premium Class Seat 软座         Soft Seat
二等座    2nd Class Seat 无座         No seat (Standing)

► Ticket Price: The price is in Chinese yuan (RMB), which is the official currency of China. Sometimes an extra service fee will be charged if you not buy the ticket from the railway station window by yourself

► Personal Info: including name and ID card/passport number

► QR Code: also a function to ensure this ticket is the unique one