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How Much Does It Cost to Visit China


Once you have a thought of Travelling to China, you would like to search information about China Travel. In the China trip planning, all of you may have one of these questions: how much doest it cost to visit China, can i afford to have a China travel, how can i cut down China trip cost.

All those questions center around China travel cost, and once you know much about it, all questions would be solved one after one. Here Top China Travel, analyzes China travel cost in detail for you.

(Great Wall/ Beijing)

How to Spend Your Money?

In a China trip, you spend money on transportation, accommodation, dining, shopping, attractions, and tips for tour guide and driver.

1. Transportation, including international flights, China domestic flights, China train tickets, taxi fare, bus fare, and metro fee. Flight fare > China train ticket fare >  taxi fare or charter a car, book a transfer service.

For a single flight to China, it would cost $ 600 more or less. For a single flight in China, it would cost from $ 150 to $ 350, or more.

For China train, high speed train has business class, first class and second class. A short distance may cost $ 30. For example, high speed train from Shanghai to Hangzhou, a second class ticket costs $ 34.

(Beijing Capital International Airport)

2. Accommodation fare. It is variable according to city you stay, hotel location(downtown, close to attraction), hotel class, and room type. For instance, in Shanghai(first tier city in China), a deluxe room in a 5 star hotel for 1 night would cost $ 350, while a deluxe room in a 4 star hotel would cost $ 250.

3. Dining. Usually, it won’t cost much money. For a day like in Shanghai, $ 100 is enough for 3 meals, and you could enjoy delicious Chinese food, western food, or food from other countries, but not in fancy restaurants. Drinks and snacks, like bottle of water are also covered. In the case that you want to have cups of drinks in a bar or cups of coffee in a café, your dining expense would be more.

4. Shopping. Shopping expense is totally up to your choice. If you won’t buy any presents or Chinese specialties, the shopping expense would be little.

In the case that you want to buy things like Shanghai Qipao, Hangzhou silk, famous tea, jade ware, china, etc., it would cost you a lot of money.

In the case that you have needs to buy electronic goods, it won’t  be very expensive. An article of them may cost from $ 450 to $ 1500, or more.

Nanjing road
(Shanghai Nanjing Road)

5. Attraction ticket. For an attraction in China, except theme parks, whether it is a natural or historical and cultural site, the entrance fee is from $ 10 to $ 50.

In an attraction, there would be extra fare if you want to use certain facilities or some services, like tour guide servcie for explanation and cable car. Tour guide is often needed in historical and cultural attractions. For example, in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, extra fare is needed for the glass bridge. In Great Wall, cable car fare is not included in the entrance ticket. The fare for an extra service would be from $ 20 to $ 50.

Theme parks like Shanghai Disneyland, and Guangzhou Chimelong would cost much for a entrance ticket and have extra ticket fare for special programs.

(Tianmen Mountain/Zhangjaijie)

6. Tips for tour guide and driver. Tip is to show your respect and thanks to service-offers. Usually, it is $ 5, and just give the number you feel comfortable or give your spare change.


How Much does It Cost to Travel China

China travel cost is affected by how many days you plan to visit China, how many of you, and the above 6 factors.

China travel cost given here,  is only for reference, because the fare is variable from time to time.

If you are 2 pax, stay 6 days in Beijing and Shanghai, it may cost at least $ 7,840 for two of you together, but not in holidays and big event days.


  • round international flights($ 600 * 2, $ 1000 * 2, economy class, connecting flights)
  • high speed train from Beijing to Shanghai( first class ticket,$ 145 * 2)
  • other transporation fare, like taxi ($ 100 * 6)
  • accommodation of 4 star hotel for 6 nights( a deluxe room, $ 250 * 6)
  • dining( $ 200 * 6)
  • attractions entrance( $ 50 * 10 * 2, excluding extra service fare)
  • tips($ 50)
  • no shopping

summer palace
(Summer Palace/Beijing)

How to Cut down China Travel Cost

Top 1- tour partner: have 1 or more tour partners to split the bill


  •  International flight, please buy in your own country, which is usually cheaper than buying in other countries.
  •  Book as earlier as possible.
  • pay attention to first class, business class, economy class. Pick economy class

China train

  • China train, especially high speed train, and high speed bullet train would be your favorites. Second class has a very reasonable price. Ticket fare of China train is pretty cheap, and fixed, and it won’t change no matter when date you buy the ticket.
  • Pick train instead of China domestic flights from a city to another in China.

Taxi fare

  • From airport to city down, take metro or shuttle bus instead of taxi. Shuttle bus is usually $ 4, while metro is about $ 2.
  • Choose taxi over transfer service,  in heading to places like attractions.
  • Choose bus over taxi and tranfser service, in heading to another county.


  • Pick  4 star hotel in downtown but not very close to business center and famous attractions.
  • Do not pick deluxe room.


  • Eat Chinese food, delicious and cheap.
  • Do not pick expensive restaurant, but pick the ones with authentic taste and local people.

(Peking Duck)


  • No cutting. Cutting is not advisable, for your great visiting experience.


  • No cutting in tips would be better.


How to Cut China Travel Cost to the Minimum

If you would like to join a group, it would be a big help. Group tour is very reasonable in price. Group tours usually exclude international flights to China and off China.

Schedule Your Group Tour From Top China Travel: Tailor Made

Day Tour

1. Coach tour-cheapest day tour

When you come to a city for travel by yourself, you could book a coach tour for day tour, convenient and cheap, suitable for solo travelers, backpackers, and travelers with a small budget.

(Forbidden City/Beijing)

2. Private day tour-tailor-made to you

In a city, you may have special needs for day tour, like attraction sites, and private day tour is available to you. Private day tour is suitable to anyone, especially those longing for exclusive service.

Several Days Tour

It is designed for travelers who want to save troubles and also money, while visiting China for several days. Several days in a city for visit are usually made private tours, but it is still cheaper than travelling on your own.

(West Lake/Hangzhou)

One Week or Two Weeks China tour

For group or private tours, there is nothing to trouble yourself from pick-up at airport and drop-off at airport, cause we will make it perfect for you.


How Much Yuan to Take to China

(Yuyuan Garden/ Shanghai)

  • According to regulation, you'd better not bring more than ¥ 20,000, or over $ 5,000 to enter China.
  • ¥ 1,000 to ¥ 2,000 would be enough. If you are travelling alone, you could exchange money in banks in China when in shortage of cash. If you have booked a group tour, it is enough for your extra spending, like tips.
  • For money change, no matter which entry cities you land in China, there are exchange machines and bank counters available at airport.
  • Your credit card, like MaserCard, VISA, and American Express, is accepted in China.