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Best Places to visit in Lhasa

Lhasa is the political and cultural center of Tibet, the mysterious land. Best Places to visit in Lhasa would like to introduce some of the most Famous Places in this “city of sunlight”, to help you find your way to explore this unspoiled remote but religious city. Where to visit in Lhasa? Come with us, you will not have chance to visit the well-known world heritage sites, to tour the dignified monasteries, you will also be impressed by the well-kept local custom and great natural wonders, etc.

Potala Palace

Potala Palace

Originally built by King Songtsen Gampo in the seventh century, the awe-inspiring Potala Palace, perched high above much of Lhasa, is the landmark of the city.

Built against the Red Hill, Potala Palace is a spectacular castle-like building complex of Lhasa, which is used to be the unification centre of political and religious of Tibet. Covered an area of over 360, 000 square meters, it is a great palace of art with creative designing and gorgeous decoration. Its conservative religious atmosphere, precious scriptures, murals, jewels and antiques housed inside, earning it a place on UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site list.

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple

Jokhang Temple, is the irreplaceable representative of Tibetan religion. One can even say that this temple occupies an unchallengeable position of Tibetan Buddhism. The Jokhang Temple, which located in the center of old Lhasa city, with the Barkhor Street surrounded, formed the “heart” of ancient Lhasa.

Built in 647 by Songtsen Gampo, Jokhang Temple is the oldest civil-structure building in Tibet that has a history of more than 1,300 years. It well mixed Tibetan, Tang-Dynasty, Nepalese and Indian style of architecture together, initiated a new space layout model for Tibetan monastery.

As one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lhasa, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site 'Historic Ensemble of the Potala Palace.

Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street

Barkhor Street, a circular street at the center of Lhasa, is the oldest street in a very traditional city of Tibet. Barkhor is the road that pilgrims tramped out around Jokhang Temple through centuries. Buddhist pilgrims walk or progress by body-lengths along the street clockwise every day into deep night. When walking along Barkhor Street, you should move in the clockwise direction.

Now, Barkhor Street is a famous commercial and commodity-distributing center in Lhasa, consisting of more than 120 handicrafts shops and more than 200 stalls. It is a good choice that should never be missed by tourists coming to Lhasa, for you can buy anything Tibet-related, from sacks of incense, chunks of yak butter to monk outfits.

It is a place where Tibetan culture, economy, religion and arts assemble and a place to which a visit must be paid when touring Lhasa.

Sera Monastery

Buddhism Debating on Sera Monastery

Sera Monastery, as one of the three grand monasteries in Lhasa, along with Gandan Monastery and Drepung Monastery, is famous for its copper Buddhist Statue, Religious Painting and Buddhism Debating, etc. It lies on the piedmont of Mt. Selawuzi, on the foot of it you can find lots of wild rose overgrew, thus "Wild Rose Monastery” is a romantic nickname of this monastery.

The whole construction mainly consists of the Coqen Hall, the Dratsang (place for studying) and the Kangcun (residence), etc. The Hayagriva Statue in Coqen Hall is the most popular attraction for tourists, but it has a special religious meaning for local followers.

Besides, the intense Buddhist Debating is another spotlight of this monastery. Everyday in the afternoon, monks with a center learning of Buddhism will come to the courtyard of debating to practice their skill, two men as a team or one to many.

In Tibet, Buddhism Debating is a required practice course for monks, a way of logical inference bases on Sunyavada System. Its history can be dated back to Tang Dynasty, some 1,200 years ago.

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