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Suzhou Lingering Garden, the color of spring

Post Time: Dec 17 2012 By Sophie Huang

Located in Suzhou City, Lingering Garden was built in Wanli period of Ming Dynasty. It used to be the private garden of Xu Tai, Shaoqing of Taipu Shi. After years of renovation, it became one of the most famous gardens in Suzhou. The garden was originally named East Garden. The middle pond and overlapped yellow stone rockeries were all built at that time. The No. one scholar and famous calligrapher Yu Yue wrote the essay “Lingering Garden” to praise it as the most beautiful garden in the southeast of China. 
Travel to Suzhou Lingering Garden,
Different from the Humble Administrator Garden’s gorgeous; Lingering Garden is small and exquisite. It is just 30mu in area, but owns houses, ancestral temple and garden. The Garden’s design paid a lot attention on details. Everywhere in the Garden is a well designed picture; each scenery in the garden is beautiful. 

Travel to Suzhou Lingering Garden,
This time I traveled to south of China, the weather is cold and rainy, but in Lingering Garden I saw sunshine the first time during the journey. 

Travel to Suzhou Lingering Garden,
Lingering Garden can be divided into west, middle and east areas. In west area, there are mainly hillside view; in middle area, combines the hillside view and waterscape; the east area is building area.

Travel to Suzhou Lingering Garden,

Lingering Garden integrated the gardening art in south China, and is good at the architecture structures. Featuring man-made hills and water sceneries in the west and garden courts, in the east and the middle part of the garden is the original site of the Xu's East Garden and the Liu's Hanbi Villa, which are regarded as the best parts of the whole garden. The eastern part of the Lingering Garden is famous for its strangely shaped limestone, while the northern part is noted for its idyllic scenes, and the western part is features by the delights of woody hills.

Travel to Suzhou Lingering Garden,

Behind the entrance of Linger Garden, there is a winding path leads to exquisite designed garden sceneries which masterly use the contraction of small and big, zigzag and straight and shade and light. 

Travel to Suzhou Lingering Garden,
Open time: 7:30-17:00。
Admission: Peak season: 40 CNY/P (April 16-Oct. 30); off season:30CNY/P (Oct.31-April 15 the next year)
Local buses to Lingering Garden:
No.1, No.3, No.5, No.6, No.7, No.22, No.33, No.44, No.70, No.85, No.88, No.91, No.103, No.317
You can take taxi to Lingering Garden from Suzhou downtown or the railway station, both are not far from the Garden. Price: about 10 CNY.

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