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My impressive Chengdu Trip---A Visit to Qinyang Gong

Post Time: Aug 09 2012 By Sophie Huang

In my five days’ impressive Chengdu Trip, I also went to Qingyang Gong as I am very courious about Daoism. It just costed me 10 yuan to get into the temple. And there is a lovly girl who is the guide leading us around the temple and told us the history and stories of Daoism.
QingYang Gong may be the oldest and greatest Taoist temple within the Southwest of China. It is situated within the western portion of Chengdu City. initially constructed within the earlier Tang Dynasty (618-907), this temple has long been rebuilt and repaired several times. The present structures had been primarily constructed throughout The Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

According to legend, Qing Yang Gong was stated for being the delivery spot in the founder of Taoism, Lao Tsu, and is also in which he created the primary sermon about Taoism. actually given that Taoism was established, this temple was stated for being holy spot for immortals to obtain together. based on recorded history, this temple was visited by two emperors in the Tang Dynasty. The temple was named by a single of those two emperors. for the reason that of this, Qing Yang Gong is regarded being a social and historical website of good value in Chengdu.

Qing Yang Gong now consists of a big amount of buildings, each and every of which has their personal distinguishing Taoist architectural features. within in the principal creating there is exquisitely carved panels in the 8 immortals of Taoism who are riding their assigned beasts. The statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, sits peacefully in a very lotus blossom seat. In Qing Yang Gong Temple, there are various platforms. The Zijin program denotes the spot in which Lao Tsu was born, and a single program denotes the spot in which he gave his primary sermon on Taoism.

In the center in the entrance of Qing Yang Gong may be the mountain gate. On it hangs a tablet with an inscription which reads "Qing Yang Gong". It is stated to possess been inscribed by an essential standard in the Tang Dynasty. The exterior of the gate is decorated with brightly-colored animals on its stone pillars and cornices. Delicately sculptured, these animals make this gate start looking stylish and brilliant. Standing best within Sanqing Palace, among the principal temple buildings, there would be the 3 immerse statues of Sanqing (Three Purities), probably the most representative immortals in Taoism. The highlight of Qing Yang Gong Temple may be the two brass mythological animals that are probably the most well-known relics of the temple. They are situated within the Sanqing Palace. viewed as since the simultaneous incarnation of all twelve zodiacal animals of China, these two mythological animals are stated to take wellbeing and longevity for anybody who strokes their head. for the reason that of this, their mind have been completely used smooth by luck-seekers.

Besides these crucial buildings, there are several other pavilions, courtyards, landscape gardens, an outstanding vegetarian restaurant, and community teahouses with Chengdu functions situated in Qing Yang Gong. every single spring there is generally a flower festival, temple fair, and Lantern reasonable held close to this temple. using the incense filled air, old trees and eye-catching buildings, site visitors to this old temple cannot assist but really feel peaceful.

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