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Experience Hong Kong Culture without Shopping

Post Time: Aug 10 2012 By Sophie Huang

Originally developed as a little fishing village, Hong Kong local culture has been deeply branded by its fishing culture for decades of years. So without shopping in Hong Kong, the fishing culture can be another travel experience for visitors in this charming metropolis.
♦ Lamma Island – the Shangri-La of Hong Kong

At the very beginning of the time, Lamma Island was consisted of several small fishing villages. The famous movie star Chow Yun fat is the local resident of this island. Till now, Lamma Island has developed as the most popular paradise among the Hong Kong young people and foreigners. The leisure atmosphere calls everyone there to set free and back to themselves from the busy working days.

Lamma Island is the third largest islands in Hong Kong. Located in the south of Hong Kong Island, the Lamma Island is covered by subtropical trees. the dwellers there some deal with fishing, some deal with agriculture. A comfortable local life picture is always painted here.
Banyan Bay is a narrow commercial lane with many shops, cafes, bars hosted by foragers. The road width only allows two people to walk in a line. All the people here live in a hippy life. They love the most natural and simplest life while are particular in the unique life standard.
Where to visit:
Banyan Bay(榕树湾) Sok Kwu Wan (索罟湾), Lamma Island Fishing Culture Village (南丫岛渔民文化村)
♦ Saigon – the backyard of Hong Kong

Also developed from a small fishing village, the backyard of Hong Kong is referred to the Saigon for so many years without any suspect. It is the first choice for Hong Kong people to get to the nature. during the summer season, the cool and clean water bay will be a good choice.
In Saigon, you can have fishing during the deck, can taste the very local Thailand cuisine, can enjoy the desserts, and can appreciate the fresh sea food which is selected by yourself.
Where to go:
during the weekend and reating a boat to have a sightseeing around it, or just walking on the seaside 
♦ Tai O – the traditional fishing culture of Hong Kong

With a title called “the Venice in Hong Kong”, Tai O was once the biggest fishing village in Hong Kong. Without interruption of the big city, Tai O still keeps the early-timed Hong Kong fishing village scenery. The traditional dwelling house - Stilt houses – built in rows and reflected by the sea let people immediately feel the fishing culture. The famous local products includes dry-salty fish, shrimp pasta, and fish maw. 
Where to  go:
 the attractive stilt house now is the symbol of this place and also popular with visitor from all over the world. You can rent a boat to do sightseeing around the village. And also, if you are lucky enough, you can see the Chinese white dolphin

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